Tuesday, April 22, 2014

and the flavor of the month is .... THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

The only ice cream that I was aware of named after a superhero was SUPERMAN.   As a kid, I loved going to the local ice cream parlor that carried the STROH'S brand and ordering two scoops of Superman in a waffle cone.  The blue, red and yellow colored scoops that burst with the flavor of Blue Moon, Red Pop and Lemon flavors was one of my favorite flavors growing up. Starting this month, Superman's not alone anymore when it comes to superhero inspired flavors at ice cream parlors.  The Amazing Spider-Main is swinging into your friendly neighborhood Baskin-Robbins.

For a limited time only, Baskin-Robbins is hosting a promotional tie-in with the feature film The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that will feature a special Spidey flavored ice cream.  The Amazing Spider-Man ice cream is red and blue vanilla flavored ice cream covered with a dark chocolate web and popping candies.  You can get your Spider-Sense tingling by enjoying several items with this new superhero themed ice cream:

  • The Amazing Spider-Man ice cream is available by the scoop in a cup or cone, and can also be taken home in fresh-packed pints and quarts.
  •  The Amazing Spider-Man Ice Cream Cake lets you bring the image of Spider-Man to any party.  You can use the Spidey flavored ice cream or customize it with your own favorite flavor of Baskin-Robbins selections.
  • Electro's Milkshake blends up The Amazing Spider-Man ice cream into a shockingly good treat.

A good time to try out Baskin-Robbin's Spider-Man inspired flavor of the month for April will be during the chain's Scoop Fest taking place from April 22 - 24 to kick off the summer movie and ice cream seasons.  Swing into your local Baskin-Robbins to take advantage of this special pricing:

$1 for a Single Scoop (2.5oz scoop)
$2 for a Double Scoop (4oz scoops)
$3 for a Triple Scoop (4oz scoops)

To find a Baskin-Robbins location near you CLICK HERE.

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