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I had never heard of "anaphylactic shock" until the day my daughter suffered from it after eating some peanut butter and I found myself in a hospital emergency room not knowing if she might live or die.  Since that day, ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK is something that is on my wife & I's mind everyday as parents of a young daughter who has to watch everything she eats and comes in contact with to avoid the peanut and tree nut proteins that trigger a deadly reaction from her own body's immune system.  Now because of the risk of contamination things that we used to do regularly aren't as easy to do anymore like eating at a restaurant or going on a family outing to enjoy a baseball game.  The next time you go to a Major League Baseball game look around you, you'd be amazed by the incredible amount of peanut shells that litter the ballpark...I have to admit I never noticed myself until the incident with my daughter and I was shocked.

While baseball is known as the "National Pastime" it is also strongly associated with "peanut and cracker jacks" and Major League Baseball (MLB) as a whole has really not done a very good job at balancing out these two points for people with peanut allergies who would like to cheer on their favorite team at the ballpark.  Often times people with peanut allergies just avoid MLB games because of concerns regarding contact with the shells that litter stadiums or worries that peanuts in the concession stands may contaminate food.  It's unfortunate that many fans because of health concerns that could be alleviated by some basic precautions and accommodations by sporting teams find enjoying the National Pastime at a ballpark with friends and family prohibitive.

Over the last few years, some teams have begun making efforts to make their games accessible to people with peanut allergies.  To reward their initiatives and promote awareness of these efforts, I've compiled a listing of the BEST PEANUT ALLERGY FRIENDLY TEAMS IN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL for 2014.  This list does not include every team that is providing a peanut allergy friendly experience for fans, but rather is a listing of teams that after reviewing every MLB team have stood out based on a variety of factors.  This is the second year I've highlighted teams for their efforts when it comes to addressing peanut allergies at the ballpark...some of the teams are the same and some have changed from last year's list: BEST PEANUT ALLERGY FRIENDLY TEAMS IN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL.  The criteria for making the 2014 List were: ease of finding information regarding team specific peanut allergy friendly program information, quality of team's promotional/informational materials, frequency and quality of games, and affordability and availability of  tickets.


The Twins have partnered with the Anaphylaxis & Food Allergy Association (AFAA) to provide 12 games that are designated as Peanut Controlled Days at Target Field.  Tickets are affordable ranging from $18 to $24 dollars.  The Twins private balconies, located above left field will be a "peanut controlled zone" during designated games.  Traditional ballpark fare (not peanuts and contamination free) will be available for purchase on the open air balconies.  CLICK HERE for more information.


The Mariners will be holding 4 special peanut controlled area games at Safeco Field in 2014.  No peanuts will be allowed in the reserved areas with 200 seats available for each games.  Tickers are only $11 so people with food allergies can bring family, friends, even all their colleagues from work if they like, to enjoy the game with them.  The seating area will be cleaned and checked just prior to the gates being opened for the game.  CLICK HERE for more information.


Every Sunday home game during the season for the Blue Jays is Peanut/Nut Reduced Zone designated game.  Tickets are $30.  Additional staff will be assigned to the area surrounding the zone to prevent peanut or nut-based products into the zone.  Extra emergency personnel will be made available during these games in case of a food allergy reaction.  CLICK HERE for more information.


2014 will be the FIRST year that the Kansas City Royals provide a peanut allergy friendly option for their fans!  They will be providing a peanut allergy friendly suite for 5 games.  Tickets are $55 which also includes a peanut/tree nut allergy safe menu buffet and non-alcoholic drinks in its price.  For more information, CLICK HERE.

Several teams are now offering suites on select games for fans with peanut allergies.  The Detroit Tigers host 2 games per year (early in the season) for $40 tickets that doesn't include food but they let you bring in your own meal/beverages with you.  The New York Mets host one game with tickets at $90 but it includes a peanut allergy safe buffet and non-alcoholic beverages into the price.  The Yankees outdid the Mets with a $100 per person ticket price for a similar suite package. The Baltimore Orioles have a suite available for 5 games priced at $27 per person without food or beverages but received a low mark for difficulty in being able to find information about their program.  It is located in the AtoZ Guide of their website. Several other teams have suites available that fall between the Orioles and Yankees in prices, availability and accommodations.  Kansas City's suite package was selected for this list in recognition of this being their 1st year hosting such an event, accessibility and ease of searching for event information, frequency of the games they are hosting, and affordability value of the tickets when considering meal and beverages are included in the price of watching a game from a suite (with its own private bath room).


The Pirates may only be holding a food allergy friendly night once during the season but during the event they are making an effort to educate the whole stadium on the issue.  The Pirates have reserved The Deck for fans - along with their family and friends - affected by life threatening peanut allergies.  The Pirates will also be providing tips throughout the game to help ALL FANS be more aware of life threatening allergic reactions.  Special Discounted Tickets for The Deck peanut allergy friendly zone are $25 which includes $10 that can be used at concessions or the gift store.  CLICK HERE for more information.


The Padres had partnered with FARE: Food Allergy Research Education to host a Peanut-Controlled Zone during the team's Sunday July 20th game versus the Mets.  Additional games may follow.  A portion of ticket sales from these games will be donated to FARE which is a leading reputable non-profit advocacy and research organization for food allergies.

Preparations for the Peanut Controlled Zone will include:
+ Power washing the seating section;
+ Placing emergency responders nearby;
+ Removing items with any peanut related ingredient from the immediate area;
+Posting "No Peanut Zone" signs around the section.

For more information, CLICK HERE.



ST LOUIS CARDINALS - have the best give-away items taking place at the stadium during their peanut controlled section days with a cool batting practice cap and a build-a-bear clydesdale horse.

St. Louis is hosting 3 games that will have Peanut Controlled Sections allowing fans with peanut allergies to sit in a "Peanut Controlled Zone" - sales of peanuts will be halted in the section and fans will not be allowed to consume peanut products in that area.  For more info, CLICK HERE.

For a more detailed listing of peanut allergy friendly Major League or Minor League games taking place in 2014, please visit the websites for PEANUT FREE BASEBALL or FARE.

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