Friday, May 2, 2014

What is Free Comic Book Day?

FREE COMIC BOOK is an annual event held the first Saturday in May by the comic book industry that promotes people to visit local brick and mortar comic book shops and check out a sampling of the things publishers are sending to print.  Visitors to participating comic book stores are provided the opportunity to pickup a few FREE comic books from a designated selection.  The FREE books vary from full scale individual stories just like a comic book you'd buy at the store to compilations filled with a selection of short previews or samples of a publisher's artists and titles.  This year FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is on Saturday, May 3rd. 

The FREE comic books are available while supplies last at each participating locations.  Often times they are gone by early in the afternoon so if you are planning on going I'd recommend swinging by to pick up your free comics in the morning as the shop is opening.

Here are a few items to look out for if you decide to check out this year's FREE COMIC BOOK DAY:

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY looks to be the next summer blockbuster at the movie theaters from Marvel Comics.  Writer Brian Bendis and acclaimed artist Nick Bradshaw provide an all-new story for readers that will help you get ready for the upcoming movie.  The book also contains a preview of an upcoming Spider-Man storyline that will be taking place later in 2014.

What if Star Wars was portrayed in Steam Punk?  Check out this interpretation of one of my favorite sci-fi franchises taking place in an evil Victorian era empire in a galaxy not so far away.

Archaia does one of the nicest jobs of any publisher in providing a great product for this event.  Pick up a copy of their hardcover bound book that features short stories from some of their magnificent series like Mouse Guard and Rust.

I loved the animated series when it was on TV, the live action one not so much, so pick up a comic book filled with all new stories.

V-WARS has been picked up for a television series pilot.  Check it out now as this could be the next Walking Dead type show to hit television.

There will be 52 comic books to select from this year on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY.  What is nice is that they have offerings that will appeal to all age ranges from early readers to mature adults.  To find a location near you CLICK HERE.

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