Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Celebrate Batman's 75th Birthday with a Warner Brothers Studio VIP Tour

Wow! wish I could afford to fly the family out to LA for a trip to check out this special exhibit Warner Brothers Studio is putting on for Batman's 75th anniversary.  For a limited time, visitors to the WB studios in Burbank California, can participate in a Batman themed VIP tour that whisks you around the back lot sets to show you familiar sights you've seen in the Batman movies and than through a special exhibit where you can get a close up look at the vehicles, props, and costumes that appeared on the silver screen.  During the 2 hour 15 minute tour, expert tour guides will accompany you as they show you iconic locations from the Batman films and lead you through a newly-transformed Studio Tour museum that has its entire ground floor dedicated to the Caped Crusader.  The tours consist of 12 people per group that leaves every 15 minutes from the start off point so you have to reserve a date and time slot to go so you are assured a semi-private encounter through the "Batcave" exhibit as you wander through it.  You can reserve a time slot and purchase tickets online.  It costs $54 per person for the #WBBatmanTour.  If you have younger children, you should note too that children must be 8 years or older to participate in the tour.

Six iconic Batsuits will be on display including the original version worn by Michael Keaton in Batman and the final Christian Bale costume from The Dark Knight Rises. The cowls from all the Batman movies are also on display. You’ll get see a wide range of authentic costumes including those worn by Poison Ivy, The Riddler, Mr Freeze and Catwoman as well as some infamous prop weapons such as the Joker’s cards, Two-Face’s coin, Penguin’s umbrella and Bane’s bomb. A selection of the Dark Knight’s most iconic vehicles are also showcased – with the Bathammer, Bat-Pod and Tumbler taking center stage. The Bat-Signal, used to call Bruce Wayne’s alter ego at a time of need, will be on display and you’ll get the chance to operate the famous prop yourself and get a photo op.

CLICK HERE for more information about the Warner Brothers Studios Batman Exhibit.


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