Sunday, July 6, 2014

Walgreens Looks to be a Player in the Toy Arena

When I think of WALGREENS what comes to minds is filling my children's food allergy epi-pen prescriptions or picking up some cold medicine.  I'd never really though of the pharmacy as a place to go toy shopping, but Walgreen's is working to change that impression as it becomes more of a player in the growing arena of market challengers to Toys-R-Us.  This fall, Walgreens will be enticing toy shoppers to their stores with 2 exclusive action figures from the Star Wars and Marvel brands.

A Boba Fett action figure from Hasbro's popular 6" Black series collection will be sold exclusively in Walgreen's toy aisle.  This isn't just a generic action figure based upon a popular Star Wars character though, this toy is designed based upon the original Ralph McQuarrie concept art for Boba Fett that has the bounty hunter clad all in white, rather stormtrooperesque I would say, that was big enough news to warrant an announcement and rather detailed post on the official STAR WARS website.

Looking at this promo pic of the upcoming Ralph McQuarrie concept art Boba Fett action figure, I have to say "impressive, most impressive."  The actual price and launch dates for this Walgreen's Hasbro 6" Black Series exclusive haven't been announced yet but expect it to be around $20 and out around mid-September / October like the other toys in this lineup.  This will absolutely be a popular pickup for both children and adult collectors so keep your eyes peeled for it if you are interested in it as they will probably sell out quickly.

Joining Boba Fett this Fall on Walgreen's store shelves will be Marvel's Agent Venom which will be an exclusive action figure from Hasbro's Marvel Legends Infinite Series.  This is another 6" line of action figures from Hasbro based upon Marvel's comic book and movie superheroes.  Agent Venom is the bad guy alien symbiote that attached itself and took over control of Spider-Man's body for awhile in the comics and movies.  Venom has been taken over by a special agent for the U.S. government named Flash Thompson who is trying to use the symbiote as a tool for special ops missions.  This looks like a pretty cool toy too!

These six inch action figures are becoming more popular because the size allows for increased articulation, details, and durability compared to the three inch sized figures that most people associate with action figures but aren't as lanky and awkward as Barbie styled dolls (and the original GI Joes from the 60s & 70s) they can command a higher price point at the cash register.  Walgreen's partnership follows recent exclusive offers from Todd MacFarlane Toys that included action figures from the Assassin's Creed & Halo video games and The Walking Dead television show.  So now that Walgreen's is drawing in consumers with "action figures" will they start branching out to other types of exclusive toy offerings? Will we see an increased toy area at stores?  Like these upcoming Star Wars and Marvel toys we'll just have to wait and see.

 DISCLAIMER:  My son bought me a Hasbro 6" Black Series Stormtrooper for Father's Day that I keep displayed on my desk...and I think it is pretty cool!

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