Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Garbage cans can be used for more than just taking out the trash

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This summer we splurged and had fun filling up our backyard with a splash pool for the kids and all the stuff that comes with it (beach balls, inner tubes, foam thing a ma jigs and so on) plus toys, sporting gear, bikes and all the other types of things parents use to entice their kids to play outdoors.  Now that fall is approaching though, I have to figure out how to get all of these things that are spread out across my yard packed up neat and tidy so they fit in my shed before the weather gets cold, wet and dreary.

It figures that I never can seem to fit something back into the same box it came in when I want to store it.  That pool and filter just weren't going to fit back into its original box, plus I wasn't sure if I wanted it to if I could repack it in.  The flimsy cardboard box seemed welcoming to invite moisture and bugs into it if I used it again to store the pool over the winter.  Last thing I want is to pull out a mildew or mold covered plastic pool covered in spider webs next summer.  Additionally, I needed some ideas for storing all the miscellaneous kids stuff that we've accumulated over the summer that shouldn't be just left out in the yard to corrode over the winter.  So it was off to Home Depot to look for some ideas to help clean up our yard.

I decided to think outside the box and use a garbage can to store the pool.  Hey garbage cans can be used for more than just taking out the trash.  The Rubbermaid Roughneck 32 gallon trash can turned out to be a perfect fit and for $15.47 was a more affordable buy than some of the other storage options on the store shelves.  We were able to fold up the pool, its cover, the filter, and pack them all snugly into this Roughneck trash can.  We even had room to throw in the deflated pool rafts and toys in for added measure.  The Rubbermaid Roughneck 32 gallon trash can's sturdy build and tight lid will keep the elements and bugs out so that our pool is in the same shape I put it away in when we roll it out next summer.

I didn't want the toy trucks, baseball gloves, soccer balls and so on that were thrown all about to get ruined by leaving them in the yard through Michigan's snowy winter or by just tossing them in the shed.  So we also grabbed a Rubbermaid 18 Gallon Roughneck Storage Tote to keep all these other play things safe over the winter.  These durable totes have nice tight lids to keep the items they are storing protected.  They have these great built-in handles too making these totes easy to carry around the yard.  Plus they are tough enough that you can stack a few of these totes on top of one another and not have to worry about them collapsing.  The Rubbermaid 18 Gallon Roughneck Storage Tote costs $8.97 at Home Depot and I found that to be a reasonable price for this sturdy tote.

We packed up the pool supplies, picked up all the toys and sports stuff, and tidied up the yard.  The Rubbermaid Roughneck trash can and tote fit perfectly into our shed.  Voila! a nice clean backyard for the fall...well at least until the leaves start falling and we have to get to raking...and all our stuff is stored away so that it will be ready for us to enjoy it next summer.

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