Sunday, August 24, 2014

Help make a LEGO Han Solo Building Block Blaster a Reality...Vote for it to be built on the Lego Ideas Page

Who's quicker to the draw....Greedo or Han Solo?  Well no matter who really shot first Greedo is the one that ends up on the floor with a smoking hole in his chest so we know who won that battle.  Next to the light saber, Han Solo's pistol is one of the most recognized props from the Star Wars movies.  How would you like to own your very own?  Lego Master Builder Julius von Brunk recently did just that by building a full-size replica from LEGO Building Blocks.

Brunk's laser pistol is made out of 400 LEGO pieces and features a pullable trigger that activates light and sound effects.  It is "Impressive, Most Impressive" to quote a certain Darth Vader.  So want one of your very own?  Here is a link to the instructions so you can build your very own

Problem is that Brunk's instructions are a wee bit complicated for the rest of us non-Master Builder types.  Ah Ha! there is another option for the rest of us ... have LEGO create a mass production version that is customized to make it easy enough for the average consumer to pop and click it together.  The LEGO IDEAS web site allows fans to petition for products to be created and ideas that receive enough online support are reviewed by the company for consideration for being produced and sold by it.  The new LEGO Scientists pack (LEGO SHATTERS THE BUILDING BLOCK CEILING) that was recently introduced originated through the LEGO IDEAS program. 

To get a project off the ground though it takes 10,000 votes on the LEGO IDEAS page to get things rolling.  If you'd like to be able to pick up a DL-44 blaster pistol off a store shelf one day, rush over to the LEGO IDEAS web site and cast your vote in support of Brunk's idea.  CLICK HERE to vote.

Get those votes in by hitting the blue "support" button on the right side of the DL-44's LEGO IDEA page and spread the word about this creative idea.  Let's make this happen!

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