Friday, August 8, 2014

November is "LEGO MONTH" for DC Comics

DC Comics is going LEGO in November! Twenty-two of its comic book titles will have variant LEGO covers in addition to the standard print versions of the edition that month.  Why?  Well it could be that DC likes to create multiple cover art variants to encourage more collectors to buy additional issues each month.  It could be that DC knows that LEGOs are cool and a hot property right now with Millennials and a tie-in would help increase attention with young consumers who the industry really needs to increase sales with .  The correct answer though is that a new video game LEGO BATMAN 3: BEYOND GOTHAM is being released in November and DC is looking to help promote its sale through these comic book covers.

So if you want to see your favorite characters LEGOized stop by your local comic book store in November to check them out.  Note the covers will feature the LEGO artwork but the actually comic book stories will be the traditional portrayal of the characters.

Monthly variant themes is becoming a trend for DC Comics.  In July the publisher featured 75 variant covers across its titles to celebrate Batman's 75th anniversary; August has a "Selfie" photo theme; in September they will have 3-D motion covers with a Futures End theme; and in October they are going with a Halloween theme and will have Monster variations for a number of its titles (check out one of the Monster covers below). Than it is LEGO in November. Enjoying the artwork on covers is a favorite part of my just have to be disciplined and not buy too many issues just for multiple covers but rather just pick up the ones you really like.  Most of these variants won't be worth anything to sell as collectibles so you need to purchase them for your personal enjoyment; but I'll also note having a collection filled with interesting covers makes the hobby a whole lot more fun in my opinion.


  1. I had no clue that November was LEGO month...very cool. I have been wanting to build the Haunted House, but it is expensive!

  2. That is not the Green Lantern one I found. And I totally need to find that Batman/Robin one for the boys.