Friday, February 6, 2015

Star Wars Video Games are the Newest Humble Bundle Deal

The newest Humble Bundle deal is Star Wars video games you can play on your PC through the STEAM cloud-based gaming service.  Humble lets you pay what you want for the bundle and even gives a portion of the proceeds to a campaign's designated this case letting purchasers choose to support either UNICEF or the new Star Wars: Forces for Change charity that Disney has created and tied to the promotion of the brand's upcoming motion pictures.  Name your price: $1, $5, $12 and you get 3 classic video games for whatever you want to pay.  If you spend over the "average" amount people are spending on the Bundle you get 3 more games or if you just spend $12 you can get a total of 9 games.  Plus you never know throughout the games Humble may throw in some additional games into the package to up the ante! Right now the Humble Bundle is estimated to be worth $115 if you went out and bought these games from retailers right now.

The Name Your Price Games are:

Knights of the Old Republic

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Star Wars Dark Forces

The Average Price Games are:

 Battle Front II

Knights of the Old Republic II

Star Wars Republic Commando

The $12 Bundle Games add:

Empire at War: Gold Pack

The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition

The Force Unleashed II

I remember enjoying many of these games on my original xbox gaming system so if you are a PC gamer and like Star Wars this seems like a great not to miss deal.  Don't wait though because this is a limited time offer and when its over the deal's gone.  Keep an eye out on the clock on the offer's web page that is running down how much time is left to make sure you don't miss out.

Remember too if you are in a generous mood some people pay more than they need to in order to support making donations to a campaign's charitable partners.  I'm sure UNICEF and Star Wars: Force For Change would appreciate your generosity and put donations to good use.

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