Monday, March 23, 2015

Irish Spring Launches New Collection of Products Catering to Dads Who Work Hard & Play Hard in Life

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Ugh! While picking up my kids from school the other day the sight of its playground being one huge mucked up pit brought back memories of some of my messiest moments as a dad.  The first diaper I'd ever changed was also my son's first poop - no one warned me in advance of the sticky, thick, dark green goo of a mess that ended up all over me and the changing table welcoming me to fatherhood.  My son seems to like to get me dirty as one of the other really messy moments in my life involved me rescuing him from being stuck in the mud at the neighborhood park which resulted in both of us loosing our shoes in the process of getting him unstuck and coming home entirely caked in dirt.  Of course his twin sister not wanting to be left out of the action contributed to one of the most horrific moments of my life.  While at the movie theater, I thought she was leaning over to whisper something in my ear.  Nope, rather it was like a scene from the Exorcist with her throwing up all over me and my having to carry her out to the bathroom while I was soaked and covered in vomit from head to foot. Oh the memories!

As a dad you need to be prepared to deal with the difficult and messy times whether its is in your professional career, as a parent cleaning up the messes your kids throw your way, or in your responsibilities of taking care of your home and yard.  I'm a person who works hard and plays harder so whether it is making a closing argument before a jury in a court room or playing some hoops on the basketball court, I'm always more confident and comfortable when I'm feeling refreshed and clean. #MySigntatureMove has always been to keep Irish Spring in the shower so I'm always fresh as a whistle when it comes to dealing with my professional and parenting responsibilities.

So I was excited to see when visiting Walmart that Irish Spring has expanded their product lineup with a collection of items called SIGNATURE FOR MEN.  New items include 3-IN-1 Body, Hair & Face Wash; Hydrating Body Wash; Hydration Deodorant Soap Bars; and Exfoliating Scrub Bars.  It is just as important for us guys to have healthy skin as it is for the ladies; so it was nice to see a product made for men from a brand I've been a long time customer with that provides some pampering without a guy feeling he's lost some masculinity by using it.

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I picked up the Irish Spring SIGNATURE FOR MEN products while I was shopping at Walmart to add to my shower routine.  I'm in court a lot in high pressure situations for my job as an attorney, hit the gym three times per week, play indoor soccer every Monday night plus chase and wrangle my kids everyday so there are plenty of opportunities for me to be a sweaty mess.  Irish Spring helps me feel that I'm always at my best.

Irish Spring's Hydrating Body Wash is crafted with authentic shea butter extract for men who are looking to soften up a little but have felt left out of having options to choose from because a bulk of the products are perfumed body washes and lotions catering to women.  This Hydrating Body Wash helps seal  in your skin's natural hydration through its moisturizing blend that leaves skin looking clean and healthy.

Irish Spring's 3-IN-1 body, hair and face wash is crafted with authentic mint extract and is designed for the man on the go who doesn't want to be using multiple grooming products at home or carting with him a travel kit full of bottles to the gym for cleaning up after a workout or to a hotel to stay fresh during a business trip or vacation.  Made for body, face, and hair this invigorating blend will leave a guy looking clean and revitalized.

Irish Spring's Exfoliating Scrub Body Bars are crafted with authentic milled oats for us guys who are a little bit rough around the edges.  Made to deep clean, this scrubbing blend will really clear off any grit and grime to have a man feeling clean and smooth.  It a big bar of soap too cut for a man's hand that won't go mush on you in the shower.

The Hydrating Soap Bar is also brick-cut so it is easy and sturdy to grasp.  I hate it when bars of soap quickly start getting squishy in the shower, but you won't have that problem with this brick.  Just like the hydrating body wash this bar of soap seals in the body's natural hydration through its moisturizing blend that leaves skin looking clean and healthy.

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You always want to make you are fresh, clean and confident whether you are on the job or dealing with the messes your kids make on the playground.  So I depend on Irish Spring to make sure I'm fresh as a whistle wherever I may be or situation arises.  I've shared a few of my true life dad stories about falling in the mud, getting covered in poop, and sprayed with vomit and how Irish Spring helped get me feeling clean and refreshed again.  So what has been your "messiest" moment in life? Do tell!


  1. I need to check out this line for my husband. He likes to use the manly smelling products in the shower.

  2. What a creative post!! You're such a great dad! Will have to check this out for my husband. Thanks for sharing!

  3. LOL, I was in Home Depot and my daughter had a newborn blow out. I was covered. I definitely needed Irish Springs afterwards. ;)

  4. My messiest moment in life? Gosh, honestly there have been lots of them, but I think just this morning when my 4 year old didn't make it to the toilet with explosive diarrhea, that was pretty messy. Sorry if that was TMI, but you DID ask. :) #client