Thursday, April 9, 2015

Create the Ultimate Slurpee: Saturday, April 11 is BYO Cup Day @ 7-Eleven

Slurpee's from 7-Eleven are one of our family's favorite treats so you know if the convenience store is hosting a special event featuring these slushies we'll be there.  With that in mind, my kids and I are looking forward to this Saturday's "Bring Your Own Cup" Day event at 7-Eleven where you can bring the container of your choosing and  regardless of the size of the cup create your own ultimate Slurpee for a $1.49, the average national price of a medium Slurpee in the United States.  Be creative and have some fun when bringing your own cup.  Have a plastic party hat left over from St. Patrick's Day or New Year's Eve? or maybe a sand bucket from last year's beach vacation.  Bring in a tea pot or mixing bowl from the kitchen pantry.  Anything is on the table as long as it meets a few limited restrictions.

The "cup" most be able to must be able to fit upright through an in-store display with a 10-inch diameter hole so no filling up inflatable swimming pools or garbage cans to slurp out of.  If you are creative enough you could potentially get a gallon (128 oz) worth of Slurpee for what you would normally pay to get a 16 oz cup of this frosty delight.  A few other requirements include your "cup" must be clean, sanitary and food safe; it must be watertight and not leak; and just one cup per person for the day.

photo courtesy of 7-Eleven

With the #BYOCUPDAY rules in mind, my kids and I started rummaging through the house for the best containers to bring with us on Saturday, April 11th to get our #Slurpees in that we could squeeze through that 10-inch diameter hole.  I vetoed my son's Detroit Tigers batting helmet and my daughter's gold fish bowl so that left us with a batter mixer, water pitcher and my cherished pirate skeleton glass beer mug as some of our best options.

Search your house for your best cup to make your ultimate #Slurpee than stop by your local 7-Eleven from 11am to 7pm on Saturday, April 11, 2015 to filler up.  Sorry foreign readers this particular event is just in the USA this time though 7-Eleven has previously already held similar BYO Cup events in other countries in the past including Canada and Australia.  So what cup are you going to bring and more importantly what flavor or mix of flavors are you going to fill it up with?!  My favorite Slurpee flavor is Faygo Red Pop while my kids like to mix Coca-Cola with Fanta Wild Cherry.

Enjoy yourselves everyone and drink responsibly on Saturday...don't get brain freeze! So bring out those plastic party hats, cooking pots, hollow coconuts and whatever else you can find as 7-Eleven welcomes the return of warm weather and the beginning of Slurpee season with its Bring Your Own Cup Day promotion.

photo courtesy of 7-Eleven


  1. Ha, very creative post! My boyfriend wanted to bring a garbage bin, I just shared this on his FB wall and said that's not allowed, lol. For you, I'd say go with the green pitcher! Looks like it would still fit?

  2. I'm TOTALLY taking my own cup to 7-11!! And I'll bring my kids with me, too!!