Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Gas Station Has Some of the Best Eats in Metro Detroit

When it comes to the food you can fill up on when fueling your car at the pump hot dogs and taquitos are what most likely come to mind when considering getting a warm bite to eat at a gas station convenience store.  So it may be surprising to find out that in a northern suburb of Detroit called Berkley, people can find some of the best food in Michigan at a small Sunoco gas station located at the intersection of Coolidge and 12 Mile roads.  Yes! Mr. Kabob located within this unassuming gas station provides the best Middle Eastern and Mediterranean fare in Metro Detroit.

At first glance when you enter the gas station you see the normal racks of windshield wiper fluid, soda, potato chips and other assorted snacks, and tobacco products.  A quick turn of the head though shows a nice kitchen area that caters to take out orders not just from people stopping by for a gasoline fill up but also customers swinging by just to pick up a kabob, kafta or shawarma.  Grab your order and then wander over to the gas attendant to pay off your tab.  If you pay at the pump as I normally do when I stop by a gas station it would be so easy to never discover this gem of an eatery tucked away inside and in fact I had stopped by this location several times without paying much heed to the Mr. Kabob signs hanging outside.  It was a conversation with the parent of one of my kids' classmates that enticed us to try this place out.

We've had Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food at numerous mom and pop restaurants and chain locations over the years and I have to honestly say this gas station provided the most delicious meal at the best deal we've ever had.  I really enjoy their Chicken Shawarma with Mr. Kabob's original garlic sauce which is chock-full of meat and a real bargain at $5.99 ($4.49 without the garlic sauce added).

My wife loves the Chicken Kabob and raves about how great the white rice is that comes along with it.  At $12.99 this meal is just as good if not better than you can get anywhere else. The chicken vegetable soup is great and filled to the rim with ingredients. I'm not a fan of lentil soup but it gets rave reviews on Yelp! In fact, this location has received numerous 5 star customer reviews out of 124 on Yelp with an overall rating of 4.5.

If you are driving though Metro Detroit, I recommend you stop by Berkley to fill up your car and your stomach! Mr. Kabob gets A Geek Daddy nod of approval for having great food that is very affordable for a family budget.

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