Thursday, September 3, 2015

Unique Finds & Money Saving Deals Can Be Found Back-to-School Clothes Shopping @ The Salvation Army's Thrift Stores

50% off Labor Day clothing sale 

Second hand clothing stores became popular during the Great Recession years when everyone was trying to save money where ever and how ever they could and the shops have stayed trendy as the economy has improved as a source of unique finds that let people have a more personal touch in selecting their clothing style.  Of course every tween and teen wants to be trendy and have their own unique style so stopping by a thrift store like those run by The Salvation Army with them can be a fun search for great finds and a chance to save some money on back-to-school shopping.  As an extra bonus all of Metro Detroit's 34 Salvation Army Thrift Store locations will be open on Labor Day ( Monday, September 7, 2015 ) and have their clothes discounted an additional 50% off for that one day only.

It's honestly been a few years since I stopped by one of these thrift stores. So when I heard about this special Labor Day promotion, I stopped by to check out what they had to offer for back-to-school shopping.  From the location I visited if you want to pick up some clothes for grade school children at bargain prices you'd be better off heading to a Mom-to-Mom sale or resale shop that specializes in children's clothing; but if you have a tween or teen heading to junior high, high school or college there were plenty of pants, shirts, skirts, dresses and shoes for guys and gals to pick out to suit their own individual styles.  Keep in mind too that I only went to one location out of The Salvation Army's 34 local thrift stores so there may be other sites where they divert more of the children's wear to and of course since they are selling donated items not every location will have exactly the same items to choose from.

All of the donations  to The Salvation Army that stock the store had been sorted through by staff and volunteers so that  only the best of the best made it to the store shelves.  Everything was clean and in great shape with no stains, rips or tears.  Items ranged a whole gambit of styles from conservative Polo branded shirts to some slinky skirts.  There were lots of items that would be considered "vintage" and others that wouldn't stand out in a crowd but would be a bargain to help fill out a wardrobe for the school year.  A visit to a Salvation Army Thrift Store will help a tween or teen with developing their identity by searching for and picking out clothing items that fit their sense of style and make them feel unique.  It will also help people in need as proceeds from these sales fund The Salvation Army's Southeast Michigan Adult Rehabilitation Centers.

These adult rehabilitation centers provide a free 180 day residential treatment program for men and women who are trying to overcome addiction.  The Salvation Army as a religious institution uses a Christian-based program meant not only to deal with a person's addiction but also help them improve the overall state of their body, mind and spirit through individual and group counseling, chemical dependency education, relapse prevention education, bible study, G.E.D. courses, career counseling, and continued follow-up contact after the successful completion of the program.  Proceeds from all of the Metro Detroit Salvation Army Thrift Stores support the continuation of this program so that it can be adequately funded and continue to be provided at no cost to those in need.  The Adult Rehabilitation Centers are completely self-funded and receive their entire operating budget from the revenue generated from these thrift store locations.

Visit any of the 34 Metro Detroit Salvation Army thrift store location to enjoy 50 percent off clothing on Monday, September 7.  Door open at its 32 "Thrift Store" locations from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and its 2 "Dollar Store" locations in Pontiac and Detroit will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  For more information visit or call 313-965-7760.

Founded by William Booth in London, England in 1865, The Salvation Army is a faith-based, non-profit organization dedicated to serving people in need without discrimination.  The Adult Rehabilitation Centers are an integral part of The Salvation Army's mission by offering substance abusing adults the opportunity to rebuild their lives through a voluntary, short-term residential self-help program designed to establish a sense of dignity, self-esteem and personal strength that will allow them to resist the desire to abuse a substance and regain their rightful place as a contributing member of society.  In 2014, 174 men and 49 women successfully completed the 180 day program.

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