Saturday, October 17, 2015

Treat Yourself To Some Spooky Fun Tricks On Family & Friends This Halloween

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Halloween has always been one of my favorite times of the year with its costume parties, haunted houses, ghost stories and trick or treating.  One of the funnest parts of the season though has to be pulling pranks on people to see if you can scare them.  BEST BUY's Geek Squad has come up with some great ideas on how you can use recent advances in technology to take your Halloween pranks to the next level.  With some help from BEST BUY, you can really treat yourself to some fun with awesome spooky tricks on your friends and family.

Our family walks past this mantle probably a hundred times per day with a mirror hanging over it and built-in cabinets underneath with a television and audio-video equipment and I figured they wouldn't be pay much attention if I tried to pull off the Best Buy Geek Squad's "Mirror Mirror" prank.  So I followed the directions in the video below by swapping out the mirror over our living room mantle with the flat screen television I have stashed in my basement workout area while my wife and kids were out doing some errands.  I grabbed an old Halloween monster mask and recorded myself jumping as if I would be coming out of the mirror yelling BOO!!!  Then I edited the video on my PC and burned it to a DVD.  I connected the DVD to the television which was hidden by a sheet of two-way mirror film and hoped my family wouldn't notice the extra cords dangling about.  Since we already has some A/V cords wrapped around some shelves and the mantle they really did blend in unless you were really paying attention.

When my wife and kids arrived home they went upstairs to put some things away and I grabbed the DVD and TV remote controls to get ready for my prank!  I hid by the stairway entrance to our living room and as I heard steps coming down I flipped on the video just as the person approached then jumped out with my camera to record the moment.  I snapped a picture just as my son began to howl out a cry of fright!  Ooops! thought it was going to be my wife walking into the room first and I felt bad about scaring my son.  He started laughing though once he realized it was a prank and started begging that we do it on my wife and daughter too.  I let him work the remote controls when we heard them walking down the stairs.  Oh the family fun you can have at Halloween!

While scaring friends and family at Halloween can be a real treat - even more fun is being able to show your "victims" how ridiculous they looked at the moment you've terrified them.  Taking a photo can be a nice present to preserve their memory of this Halloween prank or if you are more devilish  it can be a way to blackmail someone who wants to avoid having their embarrassing freaked out face show up all over social media.  BEST BUY has some great tips on how to really do a great job of recording your prank so there are images to share.

So are there any Halloween pranks you've wanted to do but haven't had the know how to pull them off.  BEST BUY can supply technology now that makes pranks that my have seemed beyond the realm of possibility in the past a reality now.  CLICK HERE for BEST BUY's full list of high-tech pranks you can do for a high-scare Halloween. BOO-HA-HA-HA!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!


  1. This is such a fun post! I am going to check out your links!

  2. Too fun! We love Halloween too :)

  3. You would have scared the crap out of me with that prank! How did your wife respond? That's one of those things we would laugh about for years to come.

  4. Great prank! Didn't seem to difficult either, even for someone as un-tech savvy as me. It would have definitely scared the heck out of me.Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Great idea indeed! How I wish I can do something like this at our home too. For sure my wife will gonna curse me after though. She's not into scare tactics.