Thursday, January 7, 2016

DC Comics encourages readers to color the covers of their January issues

Playing off the current adult coloring book fad, DC Comics is publishing coloring book themed covers on 24 of their January issues.  These black and white inked covers are perfect for people to have some fun customizing with colored pencils, I guess it's not hip for grownups to use crayons, or are some nice, unique artwork to enhance someone's comic book collection if you leave them as is. If you are interested in grabbing some of these adult coloring book themed covers here is a checklist of the DC Comics publications to keep an eye out for this month:

                          ACTION COMICS 48 by Scott Kolins
                          AQUAMAN 48 by Andy Kuhn
                          BATMAN 48 by Dave Johnson
                          BATMAN/SUPERMAN 28 by Freddie Williams II
                          CYBORG 7 by Derec Donovan
                          DEATHSTROKE 14 by Emanuela Lupacchino
                          DETECTIVE COMICES 48 by Timothy Green II
                          THE FLASH 48 by Derec Donovan
                         GRAYSON 16 by Aaron Lopresti
                         GREEN ARROW 48 by Michael Allred
                         JUSTICE LEAGUE 48 by Scott Kolins
                         JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA 7 by Cully Hamner
                         MARTIAN MANHUNTER 8 by Andy Kuhn
                         RED HOOD/ARSENAL 8 by Scott McDaniel
                         ROBIN, SON OF BATMAN 8 by Sanford Greene
                         SINESTRO 19 by Derec Donovan
                         STARFIRE 8 by Dave Taylor
                        SUPERMAN 48 by Andy Smith
                        SUPERMAN: LOIS & CLARK 4 by Aaron Lopresti
                        SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN 25 by Aaron Lopresti
                        TEEN TITANS 16 by Timothy Green II
                        TITANS HUNT 4 by Scott McDaniel
                        WE ARE ROBIN 8 by Freddie Williams II
                        WONDER WOMAN 48 by Enanuela Lupacchino

Compared to children's coloring books, adult ones tend to have either much more detailed imagery or contain drawings with sophisticated patterns. Often times the intricate white and black patterns within an adult coloring book are so closely drawn that only the tip of a sharpened colored pencil can fit between the lines making those the creative utensil of choice for many people who have taken up the activity for a hobby.  CLICK HERE for a few suggestions of coloring book selections that A Geek Daddy believes our dad and mom readers will appreciate ranging from dragons to super heroes to under the sea imagery.

Interested in coloring one of these comic book covers without actually drawing on a comic book?  Print out one of these preview pictures from DC Comics and give the adult coloring fad a shot.  If you do a particularly nice job of coloring one of these pictures tweet it to us @Geeky_Dad and we'll be sure to share it on social media including our A GEEK DADDY facebook page for everyone to enjoy.


  1. That's a fun idea. Gives everyone a unique front cover, too!

  2. What a great idea on their part! I bet these sell well!

  3. This looks awesome! I love the artwork and how you can get truly connected to the comics you love with this!!

  4. My daughter would love these. I wish they made the lines a bit bigger on these coloring books because it takes forever!!!!

  5. How cool! I'm sure my son (and husband) would love these.

  6. I know a few friends who would be totally into this.

  7. Best idea ever! With the ever growing popularity of coloring books and pages (for adults and kids), this is truly an amazing move. Love this!

  8. :-O What a cool idea!! My husband would love these, he is a big fan of comics and I'm a big fan of coloring so it would be cool for him to have something to color too!!