Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Shield Your Family from Fire Danger with 3 Simple Safety Steps

Did you know fire fighters are expected to be able to be fully suited up with their gear within 40 seconds of getting a call for assistance?  Kidde Fire Safety Products, a division of United Technologies Corporation, challenged me and other fathers in attendance at the recent Dad 2.0 Summit to see how fast we could get suited up in fire fighting gear to highlight to us the importance of having our families prepared for a house fire.  A quick response to a fire or carbon monoxide threat, whether it is the fast arrival of the fire department or a family being alerted to the danger and getting out of a house to safety, can truly be a matter of life or death.  Each one of us can be a safety hero by taking steps to make sure our families are prepared for a fire or carbon monoxide emergency.

Fire Safety
Ready, Set, Go!!! Can I get this gear on in 40 seconds?
Fire Safety
Jump in the boots and throw on the head wrap
Pull up the overall & throw on the heavy jacket
Fire Safety
Throw on the oxygen tank
Fire Safety
Don't forget to put on your helmet and gloves
Fire Safety
Time to rock & roll! Yeah, I was no where near 40 seconds and when lives are at risk every moment matters

A fatal house fire occurs every three hours in America and more than 18,000 are injured or die from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning every year.  In fact, I returned home from the Dad 2.0 Summit to news that a family of six in a neighboring community ( a mom and dad along with 11, 9 and 2 year old boys and a 7 year old girl ) were found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning linked to running a portable generator in the basement when a storm had knocked out their home's power.  The county sheriff noted to the media that "it took rescue crews nearly two hours to clear the home of toxic fumes."

You don't want your family to be a statistic!  Be a safety hero by following these 3 simple safety steps to help  shield your family from danger:

1.  REPLACE SMOKE ALARMS every 10 years, test them monthly, and change batteries once a year (unless you get the Kidde i9010 sealed lithium battery smoke alarm which guarantees a 10-year life span)

2. PLACE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS within reach on every level of your home.

3.  INSTALL CARBON MONOXIDE ALARMS on each floor and near bedrooms.

Here are some suggestions from Kidde on the proper placement of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers:

Because there are so many preventable deaths and injuries each year from house fires, the American Red Cross also recently made #firesafety a top priority launching a public awareness campaign on the topic called "2 Steps 2 Minutes."  According to the American Red Cross, 65% of people believe they have twice as long to escape a burning home than they really do.  So the Red Cross is education people on how to be prepared in order to avoid deaths and injuries due to fire.  CLICK HERE for more information on the "2 Steps 2 Minutes" campaign.

Thank you to Kidde for reminding all of us fathers at the Dad 2.0 Summit on the importance of fire safety preparation for our families and giving us a chance to walk in the boots of fire fighters for a moment.  Wow those suits are hot and heavy and think about it these people are running wearing this gear into a fire.  Have to give kudos to all the men and women fire fighting professionals who put themselves at risk while wearing this gear to get others out of danger.  Remember not only are you putting your family at risk when not being prepared for a fire or carbon monoxide incident at your home but also the people who come to your rescue.  Be a safety hero and be proactive when it comes to protecting your family from these dangers.


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