Friday, May 20, 2016

BooEnn Light Sensor Smart Glasses

 **A Geek Daddy received the featured product for free to review**
Who hasn't walked through the electronics section of a store and marveled at the crispness and clarity of the images being shown on the televisions being displayed.  I don't know what they do but it seems you can never replicate that magic on your TV set at home.  You can though get a perfect view that will bring to mind the marvelous imagery from those model televisions while you drive using the new BooEnn Light Sensor Smart Glasses.

I had a long 200 mile round trip trek for work on a bright sunny day which was the perfect opportunity to test out BooEnn's Light Sensor Smart Glasses.  These glasses provided crisp visibility with perfect shading for a view that could have easily been mistaken for a scene being watched on a high definition television if I wasn't steering a vehicle going 70 miles per hour along Interstate 69.  The reason these glasses work so well is that they have state-of-the-art sunshine intensity sensors which control liquid-crystal display (LCD) lenses powered by a solar panel that instantly brightens or darkens the lenses based upon driving conditions.  As I passed through the tunnels along one stretch of freeway running across Detroit's northern suburbs these glasses transformed from shaded to totally clear in the blink of the eye.  As I exited the tunnels emerging back into the sunlight the light-modulating properties of the LCD lenses instantly provided just the right amount of shading to give me the perfect view of the road in front of me.  Leaving Metro Detroit and traversing across wide open rural Michigan landscapes during my trip to the state capital of Lansing, I found that with no glare and just the right level of shading these glasses provided me with some of the best visibility while driving I'd ever experienced.  Often times I get eye fatigue, especially on bright days, when making this trek but I didn't experience that during this trip.

The question you'll have to ask yourself is how much you value form over function?  While these glasses function great, I have to admit their form is lacking.  They really aren't that attractive to wear unless you want to envision yourself as donning a super hero mask while driving down the road.  That being said, while being odd looking, these smart glasses aren't bulky, heavy or uncomfortable to wear.  I found the BooEnn Light Sensor Smart Glasses very comfortable to have on actually. It just felt a bit odd seeing myself driving in them when I caught a glimpse of myself in my rear view mirror and got a few weird looks from people pulled up next to me at stop lights.  Weighing their performance versus appearance, I've kept them in my car to use again because I valued the benefit of the enhance visibility and reduced eye fatigue these smart glasses provided.  In my opinion, in this circumstance function trumps form when evaluating the value of this product.  Hopefully as the Solar LCD technology develops BooEnn can make these Smart Glasses a bit smaller and more stylish.  If you spend a lot of time in a vehicle driving, especially in conditions where you're dealing with brightness, glare and light pollution, you'll absolutely want to check out the BooEnn Light Sensor Smart Glasses.

BooEnn Light Sensor Smart Glasses are now available through INDIEGOGO.  

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