Saturday, May 21, 2016

National Geographic shows the educational side of The Angry Birds

With an animated movie, popular series of video games, and a variety of toys, Rovio's ANGRY BIRDS provide entertaining ways to pass the time, but did you know they also have an educational side?  Rovio, the company that created the Angry Birds sensation, has partnered with National Geographic to create a series of books to inspire kids to learn more about these feathery creatures and the world we share with them.  Coinciding with the 2016 theatrical release of THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE, National Geographic has published two new books: THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE - RED'S BIG ADVENTURE and ANGRY BIRDS PLAYGROUND ATLAS.  Both of these books provide an avian's perspective on exploring our planet and discovering wondrous things through incorporating The Angry Birds in fun and humorous scenarios.

THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE - RED'S BIG ADVENTURE takes readers on an amazing journey with Red, the leader of the Angry Birds flock, along with Matilda, Chuck, Bomb, Terence, and the mysterious Mighty Eagle. Featuring THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE story world, this book is filled with all the fun facts and information Red and the flock need to embark on their big adventure. From identifying wildlife to navigating by the stars to building a shelter and setting traps (for any roaming Piggies), this 160 page softcover book targeted for young readers 8 to 12 years old will be sure to educate and entertain.

In ANGRY BIRDS PLAYGROUND ATLAS follow along with your favorite Angry Birds characters as they fly around the world discovering continents, countries, and cultures. The book enlists kids to join in a wacky search for the Angry Birds' eggs as they seek out clues that lead them to amazing discoveries. Aimed for children 4 to 8 years old this 128 page book encourages readers to observe the world from a global perspective as The Angry Birds chill out with penguins, chirp in new languages, and fly by world landmarks. Packed with learning exercises and fun activities, the Angry Birds Playground: Atlas will encourage kids to want to learn more about the planet we live on and leave them wanting more adventure.

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