Sunday, May 15, 2016

Wahl Fathers Day Grooming Giveaway

My grandfather grew up as a child from a poor family during the Great Depression and developed from that experience the mentality of never paying someone to do something that you could do for yourself.  So this human resources manager for a Detroit manufacturing plant also took on the role of being a barber for his kids.  He took such pride in this role that my grandfather even invested in purchasing professional hair cutting tools and installing a real barbershop chair in his basement.  Once my dad and uncles had grown up and started families of their own, my grandfather would always be filled with glee when his children brought their kids over for a haircut.  I still remember being amazed as a youngster that my grandparents had a barber's chair in their house when my dad would take me over for a visit and to get a trim.  Whenever I see an old-fashioned barber pole it generates warm memories of times spent with my good ol' grandpa.

Though probably not realized at the time they were given, these haircuts created treasured father-son and grandfather-grandson bonding experiences for our family. It turns out we aren't alone in grooming being an important bonding experience for the males in a family.  Research by Wahl, a leading manufacturer of professional and home grooming products, indicates that hair cuts and shaving play a big part in male family bonding:
  • 50 percent of guys learn to groom from their father or a father-like figure.
  • According to 90 percent of men, the first grooming experience is truly a memorable bonding experience shared between father and son.
  • The tradition of teaching is not going away any time soon as 8 in 10 men say they would teach, have taught or are planning to teach their son how to groom. 
Since grooming experiences can play such an important role in male bonding, why not consider hair cutting or shaving tools and accessories for a Fathers Day gift.  I've personally used and trusted Wahl products for years and am glad to partner with them in highlighting their grooming items as a gift idea for this Fathers Day. Who would like to give a dad for Fathers Day a Stainless Steel Li+ Facial Hair Trimmer or an Elite Pro Hair Cutting Clippers?  A Geek Daddy has one of each to giveaway.

UPDATE: Congrats to our giveaway winners Victor from Jacksonville NC & Bik from Rowley Massachusetts 

To be eligible for this giveaway you must follow @Geekdad248 on Twitter and retweet our original contest tweets embedded below before May 22, 2016 @ 11:59 pm EST.  Must be a US  resident over the age of 18 to participate.  One entry per person per giveaway item and we'll randomly select  winners from all eligible entries.  Only one prize per household.


Stainless Steel Li + - Wrapped in sleek armor of stainless steel, this trimmer offers impressive features including innovative green smart-charge technology, which shuts the unit off after its fully charged.  It also hosts a series of interchangeable heads for detailing, shaving and haircutting.  Long lasting battery (four hours of run time) and a handy carrying case make grooming on the go uncomplicated.

 Elite Pro Clipper - The latest and most powerful corded clipper from Wahl.  Its bold retro look, self-sharpening blade technology and premium stainless steel reinforced guide combs allow for a fast, precise and uncompromising hair cutting experience.

Since 1919 when Leo J. Wahl invented the first practical electric hair clipper, his company has been a leader in the grooming industry.  97 years later men still turn to Wahl as a dependable source for their grooming product needs.  This Fathers Day consider an Elite Pro Clipper, a Stainless Steel Facial Hair Trimmer or another item from the Wahl catalog for a useful gift that will make the dad receiving it very happy.

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  1. My husband has cut his own hair for as long as I have known him. This would be the perfect Father's Day gift! Thank you for the chance!

  2. I use clippers to cut my husband's hair at home. It saves us $20 a month! I would love to try these clippers out too. Thank you for the giveaway.

  3. Perfect for my hubby! Cutting his hair and trimming his beard.

  4. With 3 boys and a grown man child i def need these. I have been using old ones that snag their hair and cant find half the attachments lol