Monday, June 6, 2016

What Does Your Laugh Say About You?

There is a saying that laughter is the best medicine. Steve Wilson, a psychologist and "Cheerman of the Bored" for the World Laughter Tour, reached out to A Geek Daddy to share his expertise as a laugh expert and to emphasis the importance of laughter when it comes to health, happiness, and self-confidence. According to Wilson, laughter is infectious and empowering and it is unfortunate people don't laugh enough in life because laughing can increase self-esteem, strengthen relationships and enhance overall a person's mood and health.

What does your laugh say about you? Wilson notes more than you may think stressing that "laughter is among the most unfiltered expressions of a person's personality." He encourages people to try out a first-of-its-kind technology called the LAUGHALIZER developed by SunChips working with experts in gelotology, the study of laughter (did you know there was a field dedicated to that?), that will analyze what your style of laughing says about you. Visit to try out the LAUGHALIZER for yourself. As an extra bonus, SunChips will donate a $1 to Step Up, a non-profit devoted to helping girls from under-resourced urban neighborhoods become "confident," "college-bound," and "career-focused" every time a LAUGHALIZER user shares their "laugh-print" on Facebook, Twitter, or by email up to $100,000. Help SunChips create 100,000 unique waves of laughter to raise $100,000 to assist young women who are at risk of being left behind in life by society to get a step up.

According to a national SunChips survey on laughter, 97% of people say laughter eases their anxiety and almost half of respondents said laughter gets them through daily challenges. Wilson also mentioned that according to the survey 2/3 of people use laughter as a way to determine if somebody is someone they may want to date or marry. Utilize the LAUGHALIZER to see how your laugh relates to your health and personality plus to get a glimpse out how it portrays you to other people.  So what does your laugh say about you when it is put through the LAUGHALIZER?

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