Thursday, July 28, 2016

National Geographic KiDS: Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Atlas

Summer is a great time for family road trips and some of the best experiences from these excursions can be the result of taking some time to view the artwork, landmarks, and scenic landscapes that dot the map along the path of your journey.  Whether it is a giant rooster standing on top of a restaurant or a giant statue in a park, every community has something interesting or different to see that makes it unique from your own hometown.  National Geographic KiDS has compiled the Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Atlas to help make your family's next trek into a wondrous adventure.

The National Geographics KiDS Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Atlas is a 128 page soft-cover book that can easily be brought along with a family as it travels.  This book features information and fun facts about all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C., to help your family make the most out of its road trip and keep children interested in your travels and learning about new things.  Each geographical profile provides an overview about its official bird, flower, animal and tree plus gives the location's nick name.  Washington D.C. is "our Nation's Capital" while Arkansas is "The Natural State."  Each section also includes a map that pinpoints 5 cool things to do while visiting and highlights the national parks and forests that may be located there.  Additionally, there is a Roadside Attractions column that highlights out of the ordinary and whimsical things to do during a road trip ranging from engaging in educational opportunities to taking in folk art to checking out a must-see tourist trap.  Of course being a National Geographic publication there are also lots of nice photos to look at throughout the Ultimate U.S. Roadtrip Atlas as well.

One of the worst ways to damper a family road trip is for kids to get bored and start barraging the driver with inquiries of "are we there yet?!"  In addition to this book providing entertaining and educational material children can read while traveling about the places they'll be going, the National Geographic KiDS Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Atlas is full of games and activities that can keep children occupied for hours of backseat fun.  There are Boredom Buster activities that are unique to each state which challenge kids to participate in scavenger hunt type challenges. For example in Florida the kids are challenged to take a photograph of every wacky road sign they view and see at the end of the ride who in the car collected the most pictures and the funniest.  Each profile section also provides a listing of either weird  traffic laws or fantastic facts that will wow kids or make them giggle. For example,  in Indiana "don't pass any horses you see walking on the street -- it's illegal" and "Eastern Kentucky is home to so many country-music stars that a stretch of highway was renamed the "Country Music Highway."

CAR TRIP FUN! is a section at the back of the book that provides a "Stump Your Parents" True or False game, picture puzzles and other activities to keep children amused during a road trip.  The best thing about this Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Atlas is it is written specifically for a young audience taking cues in making its text and layout attractive to children from the popular National Geographic KiDS Magazine. When taking your next family road trip make sure to bring this great resource along for the ride!

You may also want to pick up National Geographic KiDS awesome 8 to help distract your kids during a long family road trip.  This book of photograph filled top 8 lists of weird and cool topics will keep curious kids attentions focused on flipping through its pages.  awesome 8 lists include Coolest Roller Coasters, Haugtiest Hotels, Wicked Water Slides, Perilous Predators, Remarkable Ruins, Wackiest Weather Events and Weirdest Wonders among numerous other topics.  Both my kids love reading this 112 page soft cover book that is also easy to pack so it is convenient to take along when traveling.

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