Thursday, October 13, 2016

Actress Alyssa Milano Teams Up With NFLPA Players To Help Them Be Pros On & Off The Football Field

We all have favorite players we cheer for on NFL game days, but how well do you know these players when they're not playing on the gridiron?  NFLPA, the union for professional football players in the National Football League, is upping its game when it comes to creating professional opportunities for its membership to market themselves off the field within the entertainment industry through the creation of its own multimedia development and production company called Athlete Content & Entertainment (ACE) Media.  Owned by the NFL Players Association and select strategic partners, ACE Media strives to provide unparalleled access to the athletes that are known for entertaining sports fans on fall Sunday afternoons so they are more prominently featured beyond  game days within a wider variety of educational, lifestyle and entertainment outlets.  ACE Media already has several successful projects to its credit including Catching Kelce on E!, Trading Playlists on Spotify, Take It To The House on Bleacher Report and Branding U on Above Average.

To help ACE Media in its efforts to win over Hollywood, it recently appointed Alyssa Milano to its board of directors.  While many of us know her from her roles on the television shows "Who's The Boss?" and "Charmed", Milano is also an avid sports fan whose TOUCH clothing, jewelry and eyewear line was the first women's only sports-licensed fashion brand and is currently the only one licensed by all the major sports leagues within the United States.  As a comic book aficionado, I also appreciate that she is the creator of a great graphic novel series called "Hacktivist."  Milano will bring more than 30 years of experience as an actress, author, designer, and entrepreneur to help NFLPA members gain exposure and maximize professional opportunities beyond their efforts on the football field.

“Alyssa joining the ACE Media board comes at a critical time in our growth. With hundreds of unique projects featuring almost 400 athletes last year, we're focused on expanding even further,” Ahmad Nassar, President, NFLPA, and ACE Media Chairman of the Board told A Geek Daddy. “Alyssa is the very best board member out there, with a unique track record bridging sports and entertainment. She's going to help us develop even more great opportunities for athletes, programmers, publishers, brands and leagues to create content across all sports and media."

“This is really an incredible opportunity for every player,” said Kansas City Chiefs Pro Bowl Tight End Travis Kelce, who has worked with ACE on several projects, including the new E! series Catching Kelce. “To have someone with experience navigating Hollywood, and leveraging its crossover appeal with sports and business, is a tremendous asset for the NFLPA and ACE Media. What Alyssa Milano will bring to the table will help each and every one of us in showcasing our personalities beyond the field – and across different kinds of media.”

How big of a football fan are you? Can you spot and identify players when they don't have their helmets on? Keep an eye out as you are bound to be having a lot more opportunities to test yourself in spotting players off the game field as ACE Media continues to expand its members profiles within the entertainment industry and beyond.

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