Saturday, October 29, 2016


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Spooky good times don't have to be limited to Halloween when you play with the FRIGHT FACTORY from Tech 4 Kids.  Bring to life your own frightening 3D creations with this fun playset that will bring out a child's inner mad scientist.  Transform a tube of goo into  creepy crawlers, skeletons, rats, bats and more!  Squeeze Tech 4 Kids' EwwGoo into a mold and activate the FRIGHT FACTORY to create your own toy creation to play with.

Start off by filling one of the 3 molds included with the FRIGHT FACTORY full of the the quick curing, non-toxic EwwGoo.  A tube of green and a tube of blue EwwGoo come packed in the box.  Additional tubes in a variety of other colors including orange, purple and red can be purchased separately.  There are also additional molds you can buy that include Creepy Creatures, Gross Bugs and Beyond The Grave themes.  Molds that come with the FRIGHT FACTORY allow kids to make a giant beetle, bats, centipedes, snakes, and scorpions.

Once you've injected the EwwGoo, place the mold on the FRIGHT FACTORY'S creature creation table.  Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included), kids crank a lever and watch as special effects lighting duplicating sparks begin to glow.  An ultraviolet LED light then slides back and forth over the mold as you crank.

After a couple of minutes of cranking the EwwGoo hardens into a plastic toy.  No heat or glue is required and when finished you'll find yourself with a 3D toy.  Best of all from a parent's perspective this is all done without any kind of mess!

My son and daughter both had a lot of fun making toys with the FRIGHT FACTORY.  It was a nice activity that entertained the kids, was safe to do, and didn't require a lot of set up or clean up time.  Enjoy Halloween fun throughout the year by making your own frightful creatures to play with.

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