Friday, October 28, 2016

LEGO Dimensions: The Gremlins Are Coming!

Halloween seems the perfect time for Adventure Time's spunky Vampire Queen Marceline to welcome the Gremlins to the LEGO Dimensions video game.  In the video below, the rocking Queen introduces us to Gizmo and Stripe, demonstrating exactly what not to do with a Gremlin, unless you are looking to wreak havoc!  In addition to Marceline playing a chill jam, the video also highlights Gizmo in action in the Gremlins Adventure World demonstrating his signature "Rambo" mode. Check it out!

Arriving on store shelves in November, the LEGO Dimensions' Gremlins Team Pack includes LEGO minifigures of Gizmo and Stripe. Gizmo's Combat Roll and Dash Attack abilities can be used to get him out of sticky situations and Stripe uses his claws and his Vine Cut ability.  Players can also rebuild the included 3-in-1 R.C. Racer vehicle into the Gadget-o-matic or Scarlet Scorpion and the 3-in-1 Flash 'n' Finish into a Rampage Record Player and Stripe's Throne.

LEGO Dimensions can be played on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 computer entertainment systems, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii U.

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