Tuesday, November 1, 2016


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Adventure card games can often be daunting and time consuming but that is not the case with 5-MINUTE DUNGEON from the award-winning game publisher Wiggles 3D.  In this game, two-to-five players join together as fantastic heroes to battle monsters and overcome obstacles as they must conquer a dungeon and defeat a level boss within 5 minutes.  There are five dungeon levels to choose from and with randomly selected cards determining the encounters and challenges faced each time you play the game it is a unique, entertaining experience.  With easy to grasp rules and a short time span, 5-MINUTE DUNGEON is a great way to have fun with family and friends.

I liked that instead of competing against one another, players have fun cooperating with one another working together for a victory.  It was really great to have my kids spending time having fun working together instead of feuding when playing a game.  The game doesn't drag on as the five minute time limit to complete a dungeon level has players racing against the clock. With no time to form a carefully-considered plan, and no predicting what dangers lie ahead, communication and teamwork are the name of the game, crucial to surviving the 5-MINUTE DUNGEON. The great artwork and humorous illustrations for the creatures and obstacles you'll encounter in the dungeons such as "A Cactus That Wants a Hug," "The Carpal Tunnel," and "An Overpriced Merchant," also provide a light-hearted, giggly atmosphere.  I'm sure you'll enjoy playing this game as much as my family has so I'd encourage you to check out Wiggles 3D Kickstarter campaign that is launching on November 1, 2016 to support distribution of the game.

The Kickstarter campaign rewards financial backers with access to Early Bird Copies like the one A Geek Daddy received, Collector Editions, exclusive content and more.  As the campaign proceeds, Kickstarter contributors will also unlock some great stretch goals which include linen-coated cards, high-quality game mats, and collectible figurines. Contribution levels range from $5 for a print-and-play copy of the game to $26.25 for a Standard Edition of the game that also includes all the stretch goals unlocked during the campaign to $45 for the Standard Edition + a Dungeon Master Edition which will have a more stylish box and higher quality components.  This really is an affordable Kickstarter campaign to participate in for a great product.

To start off 5-MINUTE DUNGEON each player selects a hero character that has its own card mat, special attributes, and deck of symbol and action cards.  Which will you choose to play as?

Next pick a Dungeon level to play and place its mat on the table with door cards stacked on top of it. Flip over the top door card and start the timer! You have 5 minutes to defeat every monster, person or obstacle that lurk on the other side of the door cards....plus the dungeon boss too!

Defeat each door card by matching the symbols on it with symbols printed on the cards in players hands selected from their hero's deck.  Or instead of a symbol card you may want to use one of your action cards which depending on its special feature may allow a player to instantly defeat a monster or overcome an obstacle. 

There are NO TURNS so anyone can play the cards needed to defeat the challenge presented by a door card.  After you’ve dealt with all the door cards, it’s time to take on the big boss himself whose symbols players need to match are displayed at the bottom of a Dungeon mat.

In Dungeon Level 1 for example, you have to battle Baby Barbarian! Bosses take a lot more resources to defeat than any door card.  Once the big boss has been defeated the dungeon has been conquered and you can play it again or move up to dungeons with a higher level of difficulty. To stay on track with the 5 minute deadline, there is a FREE timer app available on both iOS and Android as an accessory to the game.

You WIN if your team conquers a dungeon.  There are three ways though the dungeon can get the best of your party.  If time runs out before your team defeats the Dungeon Boss, if all the players during the game run out of cards, or if your party is unable to match the symbols of a door card in the dungeon and cannot use a hero ability or action card to move past it then you LOSE the game.  Well actually no one really loses because even if you can't conquer the dungeon everyone will still enjoy having a fantastic time playing this game.

I really recommend 5-MINUTE DUNGEON as a family game night selection or for kids to play with their friends because it is a short, fast-paced, exciting game where you won't have to worry about children getting bored or losing their attention span with.  Great for casual gamers and advanced players alike, you are sure to have a good time battling your way through the humor-filled fantasy world of 5-Minute Dungeon.  To learn more about this adrenaline-fueled adventure card game, please visit 5MinuteDungeon.com and I truly hope that you'll consider supporting Wiggle 3D's Kickstarter campaign.

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