Saturday, November 5, 2016

Jumping Into The Gold Fish Pond

** A Geek Daddy is receiving free products and services to review from Gold Fish Swim School as a brand ambassador. Views expressed are honest and my own **

The winters in Michigan can be snowy and chilly yet our family has always found this time of year the perfect opportunity to keep the kids active by having them of all things go swimming.  We've participated in swimming programs at various community center and high school indoor pools the last few years and this winter decided to try out Gold Fish Swim School to see how its services and facility compared.  My kids really enjoy swimming and keeping it up through the cold weather months keeps them healthy and active while also ensuring they develop and maintain the skills needed to safely enjoy the activity at beaches, backyard pools and water parks when the hot summer months arrive.

Gold Fish Swim School's focus is on providing swimming lessons and fun water activities for children 4 months up to 12 years old in age.  They pride themselves on offering small class sizes with one life guard certified instructor for every four children.  The school offers programming for children of any ability ranging from those who have never dipped their toes in a pool to ones who are mastering their strokes and would like to engage in a bit of friendly competition.  Before my 7 year old twins could start a regular routine, we needed to get them evaluated to determine which of the 6 programs for kids their age they fit into (Beginner, Glider, Glider Plus, Star, Pro & Recreational Swim Team).  So it was off to our local Gold Fish Swim School for a dip in the pool.

Gold Fish Swim Schools originated in Metro Detroit 10 years ago and have since expanded across Michigan and into 14 other states (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma & Texas).  The original location which opened in 2006 as the very first Gold Fish Swim School is just a couple miles from our house and is a quick drive for us to get to.  Entering the location, we were greeted by a warm tiki motif that is meant to appeal to a clientele of children and tweens. A quick look over of the place showed it to be a very clean and well-kept facility.  From speaking with and observing some of the instructors, I really was impressed by the quality of the staff.  Our first visit to a Gold Fish Swim School was a very welcoming experience.

So my kids demonstrated the capabilities to be place in the middle range of the available programming options.  We found Gold Fish Swim School to be incredibly accommodating in setting up a lesson time that fit into our family's busy schedule and the kids are excited to start their regular class routine next week.  Once a child starts a class, the lessons continue perpetually on the same day and time until the instructor feels the student is ready to advance to a new level which may result in a change.  Parents don't have to worry about fitting a dictated class time into their calendar which changes every few weeks as at Gold Fish Swim School your child's lessons are assigned a time slot for lessons that is convenient for your family and takes place consistently throughout the entire year. Can't make a  scheduled class?  Don't worry you can reschedule a makeup session for another time that is more convenient without a hassle.  Flexible scheduling that can accommodate even the busiest of families is such a great benefit of enrolling in the Gold Fish Swim School.

The weather will be getting cold soon here in Michigan but my kids are excited to be swimming throughout the winter at Gold Fish Swim School.  We'll be sharing experiencing their activities, programs and products with A Geek Daddy's blog readers and social media followers over the next few months so keep an eye out for updates on how my kids swimming lessons are progressing.  For more information about Gold Fish Swim School's facility and programs please visit  Come on out and jump into the Gold Fish pond with us!

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