Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Our Generation -- Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck

** A Geek Daddy received the featured products for free to review **

Spending more than $100 on a doll for a child can be out of reach for many family budgets.  Fortunately there is a great alternative to expensive brands in the Our Generation dolls available at TARGET for cost conscious consumers.  These 18" dolls cost between $20 and $35 each and come dressed in themed outfits aimed to delight the girls that play with them.  All of Our Generation's dolls, clothes, and accessories are made with safe, high-quality materials that are carefully-chosen by Battat, a family-run company that has been in business for over 100 years.  Our Generation dolls have been one of my daughter's favorite toys to play with for the last several years.

She's been struggling recently with some assignments at school and worked extra hard to do well on a reading and writing evaluation test.  When she exceeded our expectations on the test, I wanted to reward her for the diligence put into improving on those skills.  Knowing my daughter's an Our Generation fan, Battat generously sent A Geek Daddy some dolls and their brand new Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck to provide her with a super special surprise!

Supporting girls being empowered through education is a core value of Battat.  For every Our Generation doll, outfit, or accessory purchased, a portion of the sale is donated to WE Charity's (previously known as Free The Children) Power of a Girl Initiative.  Millions  of children (70% being girls) in third world countries cannot go to school often times because there isn't one available or family responsibilities prevent it.  This program builds schools and supports sustainable villages through healthcare, water programs, and alternate income projects for moms and dads that give children the opportunity to get the education they need.  Also demonstrating a sense of corporate responsibility and to set an example for our next generation, Battat has made all of its Our Generation product packaging from recycled materials, printed with environmentally friendly soy-based inks, and these packages are 100% recyclable themselves.

To say my daughter was thrilled to get a Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck would be an understatement.  This vehicle for these dolls is truly amazing!  It includes 128 pieces ranging from doughnuts and sundaes to the miniature dollar bills needed to pay for these treats.  Spoons, cups, bowls, even a napkin dispenser are included to spur on imaginative play.  To further encourage creativity, one side of the ice cream truck features a chalk board.  Kids can write up their own menus or decorate the side of the truck with the included colored chalk.

The inside of the truck definitely has plenty of shelf and counter space for preparing deserts.  Battat has provided a lot of attention to detail including a sink that has a turning faucet and handle, a deep fryer with basket, a cup dispenser, and fridge, freezer and cupboard doors that open and close.  Plus the glove compartment has a glove compartment that opens to stash all the miniature dollar bills that a successful ice cream truck will be raking in.  One side of the truck also flips down to create a nice counter area for children to pretend serving customers.

In addition to lots of wonderful accessories and a nice layout, the Our Generation Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck has some really great interactive features:

Turning the steering wheel left or right will activate turn signal lights. It also has working headlights and windshield wipers.  Plus press down on the brake pedal and brake lights at the rear of the vehicle will flash.  Of course you can't have an ice cream truck that doesn't play music to attract the neighborhood kids to flock to it.  Press the music button on the dash board to play 3 different songs.  The ice cream truck comes with 3 AA batteries to power these features which I really appreciated because it is always a drag to unbox a toy for a child then have to run to the store for batteries.  The toy comes in "sample" mode and to get all the features to work properly you need to flip a switch located on the bottom of the truck underneath the front license plate to put it into "play" mode.  For example the wind shield wipers won't work if you don't have that switch in the proper position but some of the other features work so that people can try them out at the store without wearing out the batteries too much in sample mode.

My daughter's ice cream truck actually had a Tex-Mex theme to it as she played with it alongside her  Our Generation Arizona doll.  Wearing a lace shirt and a denim blouse she completes her rodeo look with cowboy boots and a hat.  Our Generation really does a nice job in providing extraordinary detail when it comes to their dolls, clothing, accessories, vehicles, and playsets.   After finishing her shift on the Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck, Arizona rode off into the sunset on the Our Generation horse that Santa Claus left under the Christmas Tree last year.

For producing an excellent product at an affordable price for the average family that will provide girls in the age range of 4 to 10 years old with countless hours of enjoyment, Our Generation's dolls and Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck have earned A Geek Daddy nod of approval.

For more information about Our Generation products, please visit ogdolls.com

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