Friday, December 16, 2016

Bachmann Blue Lightning Train with E-Z App Touch Screen Control

It used to be a toy trains and Christmas trees went together like peanut butter and jelly.  The image of a miniature locomotive pulling a line of cars on a train track circling a Christmas tree is an iconic holiday image.  Yet you don't actually see this occurring much anymore as trains have lost popularity as a toy kids regularly play with.  Bachmann, a company that has been manufacturing toy trains since 1833, is working to reverse that trend and make having a train under every Christmas tree a tradition again with its Blue Lightning model.

The Blue Lightning toy train set from Bachmann is very easy to put together and use.  It's 56" x 38" oval is the perfect size to fit around the base of a Christmas tree and is an E-Z Track to put together as its 16 pieces ( 3 straight tracks, 12 curved, and 1 plug-in terminal section) are a cinch to snap together.  It literally takes a couple of minutes to set-up the track.

Plug in the cord attached to the track's terminal section into an electrical outlet and place the included E-Z App-equipped FT diesel locomotive onto the tracks.  The electrical current running through the track will power the locomotive.  Load the FREE Beachmann E-Z App from the Apple App Store onto your iOS mobile device.  A Bluetooth connection between your device and the locomotive will let you control the train's movements on the tracks from as far as 100 feet away.  Attach the included box car, gondola and caboose by their E-Z Mate Knuckle Couplers to be pulled by your locomotive and with a toot of its horn your train is ready to go.

As your train is rounding the tracks, emit realistic engine and horn sounds from your iPhone or iPad.  The app lets you turn on and off the locomotive's headlights, speed up or slow down its speed, and even put the train in reverse with the flick of your hand.  If you have additional Bluetooth capable trains you can also place them on the tracks and command multiple locomotives from this one app.

The ease of putting together and operating this train set not only makes it a great decoration for the holiday season but also a really fun toy to play with throughout the rest of the year.  After playing with the Bachmann Blue Lightning Train with its E-Z App Touch Screen Control you'll understand why people call model trains the world's greatest hobby!

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