Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Discovery Kids: 7 in 1 Solar Space Fleet

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Children and teens can have fun model building and learning STEM concepts such as how gears, electrical circuitry and solar energy works with 7 in 1 Solar Space Fleet from Discovery Kids available at toy retailers across the USA.  Start off building a lunar rover that fits in the palm of your hand and really moves across surfaces fueled by the power of the sun.  No tools required just pop out the plastic parts and snap them together.

Once you've built your lunar rover, pull it apart and rotate around additional pieces included with this space exploration themed construction kit to make up to six more different models that have a variety of functional movements powered by solar energy.  Switch out the parts from the Lunar Rover to create either an Astronaut, Battle Mech, Robot Dog, Orbital Station, Space Explorer or Shuttle to play with.  This do it yourself toy kit will get kids enthusiastic about space exploration, building things with their own hands and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) concepts.

Learn about energy and technology by building a solar panel that actively powers the movements of some of your space fleet creations.

Some of the other models you can build are powered instead by a rechargeable battery that is fueled by plugging it into the solar panel.  Insert the battery once it is charged into astronaut, robot dog or lunar rover to get them moving about.

The 7 in 1 Solar Space Fleet is a great hands-on activity that gets kids using their fine motor skills, develops constructive thinking through building the models, and provides educational lessons in an entertaining way.  Because the intricacy of constructing some of these models, this toy set is recommend for children 6 years old and up and parental involvement will probably be necessary for children on the younger end of this age scale.  Half the fun of these toys is putting them together so spend some quality family time constructing your space fleet models and make it a teachable moment by engaging your kids to discuss how science, technology, engineering, and math are relevant to both building these toys that can fit in the palm of your hand as well as for exploring the vast expanse of outer space.

Discovery Communications provides a variety of toys and products associated with the programming on their television channels (Animal Planet, Discovery, Discovery Kids, Destination America, ID, Science Channel, TLC, and Velocity).  Check out what they have to offer at

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