Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Goldfish Swim School Theme of the Month -- December is Winter Wonderland

 ** A Geek Daddy is a brand ambassador for Goldfish Swim School**

When you think of swimming trips to the beach, outdoor pool parties and visits to water parks during the summer normally are what first come to mind.  For our family though as the snow starts to fall that is our ideal time to have the kids jumping into the water.  We regularly have our children enrolled in swimming programs throughout the cold weather months here in Michigan and this winter they are taking lessons at Goldfish Swim School.  So while the temperature may be 9 degrees outside, they'll be enjoying swimming in the shiver-free indoor pool at Goldfish Swim School that is always heated to 90 degrees.

Swimming during the winter is a fun activity to help keep kids exercising and healthy when temperatures may prohibit them from getting outside to play.  It also reinforces water safety skills so that when the weather heats up your child is prepared to safely enjoy swimming at a beach or pool.  Plus swimming throughout the year just overall makes a child a stronger swimmer making them confident and comfortable in and around water.  Goldfish offers programs for children from 4 months to 12 years old of all skill levels.  They offer infant sessions to get children comfortable with being in the water, swimming lessons for both beginners and kids who want to improve upon their abilities, plus a team program that helps experienced young swimmers who have mastered their lessons develop racing skills and participate in some friendly competition.

To help make lessons a bit more fun, Goldfish Swim School also has a special theme they promote each month with decorations around the facility, activities such as coloring contests, and special giveaway items they hand out each week to children after they've completed their lesson.  December's theme is Winter Wonderland.  A very fitting one with both the holiday season and the nearly foot of snow that has fallen on the ground here in Metro Detroit.  My kids received a small maze game as their themed prize of the week after their most recent lesson for example. In addition to Winter Wonderland some of the other themes in 2016 were Olympics to tie-in to July's Summer Games, Farming in September, and Outer Space in November.  Having a different theme each month is just one of the many ways Goldfish Swim School differentiates itself as an ideal location that truly caters to providing a great experience for families who bring children to go swimming there.

For more information, please visit goldfishswimschool.com

A Geek Daddy is a brand ambassador for Gold Fish Swim Schools receiving complimentary lessons and services for his children in exchange for promotional consideration by the blog.  Opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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