Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Light Up Craft Kits From Educational Insights

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My daughter had a fun time putting together and personalizing an IllumniCraft picture frame that Educational Insights sent our family to try out.  IllumniCraft kits promote learning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) concepts as kids need to create a functional circuit to power working lights incorporated within their project. These craft kits also encourage creativity as children decorate them to fit their own unique personalities.

To start off my daughter had to cut copper tape and lay down a path between the included battery and the LED lights that would be embedded within the picture frame.  This provided a nice teachable moment where we discussed copper being an electrical conductor, some of the basic principles of electricity, and how a circuit works.  It really put a smile on her face when the cooper track she laid down and lights that were installed with her own hands created a working circuit that illuminated the picture frame. 

Then it was time to decorate it with that stickers and paint that came along with the frame.

After decorating the frame to her liking, she added a picture of her together with a best friend.  The IllumniCraft Light-Up! Picture Frame now has a place of prominence in her bedroom on the night stand.  The project wasn't hard to do and it really provided some nice educational lessons in the process of providing a fun time while a child completes the selected craft kit.  There are six to choose from ranging from the picture frame my daughter did to a cell phone speaker dock. CLICK HERE to see all of the IllumniCraft options from Educational Insights.

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