Saturday, January 21, 2017

Ann Arbor Balloon Artist Makes Appearance on Harry Connick Jr.’s New Daytime Talk Show

I've always been impressed by artists, clowns and magicians who have the ability to transform balloons into amazing creations.  My kids have obviously inherited my affection for them as well since the twins really love it when someone makes them a special balloon animal. Of all the fun things we did on a recent trip to Orlando, Florida they told me when we got home that one of the best highlights of our visit was when a waiter made them some really impressive looking ones when we were out to dinner one night.  The Magic Kingdom, Sea World and Hogwarts couldn't compare to a really good balloon animal! So when I heard about a local woman from the Metro Detroit area being promoted on a nationally broadcast television show for her skills in twisting and bending balloons into wondrous things, I had to learn more!

Carolynn Hayman has taken her passion for creating unique works of art out of balloons and turned it into a successful business in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Hayman's POP! Designs and Creations builds balloon sculptures, both big and small, for events and special occasions.  Now this Michigan-based business is going to be receiving some nice national exposure as Hayman will be a featured guest on Harry Connick Jr.'s new daytime talk show.

POP! Designs & Creations -- All Rights Reserved
POP! Designs & Creations -- All Rights Reserved

The award winning balloon artist will be appearing on the Monday, January 23, 2017 episode of HARRY in a special segment focusing on unusual jobs.  Hayman will share with Connick the wonderful world of balloon culture by presenting each member of the show's band with balloon sculptures of all their instruments, including a life-size grand piano.  She also provides Connick with a brief "Flower Twisting" tutorial that humorously gets out of hand very quickly.  The segment concludes with one of Hayman's most popular creations, a nine-foot tall balloon costume known as Conrad the Unicorn, making an appearance on the set bringing along with him a specially crafted "Craw Daddy" balloon costume specially made for the show's charismatic host.

Tune in on January 23rd to check out what promises to be a great segment.  Visit to find out the time and network where Carolynn Hayman's appearance on HARRY will be broadcast in your area.

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