Sunday, January 29, 2017


** Free movie night kit provided by Disney. All views are my own **

 I've got no strings to hold me down; to make me fret or frown; I had strings but now there are no strings on me! 

My daughter loves classic Disney animated movies, but has never seen Pinocchio.  So to say she was excited when I surprised her with a special movie night would be a big understatement!  In honor of Pinocchio being released via Digital HD for the very first time ever, which allows people to watch the movie anytime and anywhere that is convenient for them, I let my daughter have a camp out in her room and watch the movie before bedtime through the Disney Movies Anywhere app on my iPad.  Just like the puppet in the movie doesn't need strings to get around, with Digital HD and today's technology you don't need to be attached to strings to enjoy a Disney classic like Pinocchio.

To highlight this point, Disney provided me with a download code to redeem Pinocchio from  Through this service downloaded movies can be viewed on your PC's Internet browser or through the Disney Movies Anywhere app for mobile devices.  You can also connect your account to other favorite service providers such as amazon video, fios from Verizon, Google Play, iTunes and VUDU.  Stream movies to your television through a Playstation or Roku using VUDU? Your Disney Movies Anywhere library is accessible!  Are you an iOS fan? Watch your Disney Movies Anywhere on Apple TV, iPhones and iPads through iTunes seamlessly.  Also when  movies are purchased through Disney Movies Anywhere you earn points that can be collected and redeemed for free rewards like apparel, dvds, movie tickets and more!

To help us enjoy watching Pinocchio anywhere without being tied down by strings, Disney also sent along with the download code some wireless headphones and a portable charger decorated with  artwork featuring Pinocchio.  Plus you need to have snacks when watching a movie so they threw in a lunchbox and water bottle to help us be able to enjoy the movie when on the go.

My daughter has been wanting me to setup her play tent for her and this Pinnochio movie night made for a perfect opportunity.  While she searched for her Fairy Minnie doll to watch Pinocchio with, I downloaded the movie, powered up my iPad and the wireless headphones, and packed her lunchbox with some popcorn to snack on. As my daughter likes to say it was easy peasy to get her setup to watch Pinocchio and not having to worry about connecting to any wires or electrical outlets was nice in allowing her to have fun watching it in her play tent.

I asked her what she liked best about the movie the next morning.  Of course her answer was the "I have no strings" song and dance routine! That's one of my favorite scenes when I was a kid too.  Though in my opinion the best part is when all the boys playing hooky from school turn into donkeys.   That will teach you not to be going around town acting like an ass!  What is your favorite scene in Disney's Pinocchio?

Looking at my daughter's pictures you may have noticed she's losing her baby teeth.  One actually fell out just before she snuggled up in her Frozen blanket to watch Pinocchio.  So in addition to seeing the Blue Fairy in Pinocchio during her bedroom camp out, the next morning she also found the Tooth Fairy had left a dollar under the pillow she was sleeping on in her play tent.  Giggling over breakfast, she said to me with a big smile on her face, "Dad last night was so magical!"  It appears she really enjoyed her special Disney Movie Night watching Pinocchio for the first time!

Whenever my kids wants to add a bit more magic to their lives, they can also look up into the night sky to wish upon a very special star.  Disney also named a star after our family located in the Canis Minor Constellation that is copyrighted with the British government through the Star-Name-Registry website.  So now when looking up into the night sky we'll be trying to spy our family's own personal star to make a wish on.

Enjoy your own fun family movie night watching Pinocchio.   Whether you are watching the movie from the comfort of your own or while traveling in the wilderness on an adventurous camping trip, be like Pinocchio and don't let strings hold you down.  Disney's Pinocchio is available now to download via Digital HD from Disney Movies Anywhere and will be available on January 31, 2017 on Blu-ray and DVD as well.  For more information about the movie and to download some fun free Pinocchio themed activity sheets and coloring pages, visit

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