Friday, January 20, 2017

VOLTRON Legendary Defender Toys

Season 2 of DreamWorks VOLTRON Legendary Defender animated television series arrived on Netflix today and Playmates Toys sent us some of the show's themed toys for free to make the debut extra special!  VOLTRON follows the adventures of five young heroes who pilot mechanical lions against the evil Galra empire which is attempting to enslave the population of the whole galaxy.  When their foes present more of a challenge than the five lions can handle individually they can merge together to create a giant super robot with incredible powers called Voltron.  Can this team of heroes restore peace and security to the galaxy against some very formidable foes?  You'll have to either tune into Netflix to watch this animated series from DreamWorks Animation Studio or pick up some VOLTRON toys from Playmates Toys for your kids to engage in their own imaginative play adventures to find out!

My kids had a lot of fun playing around with the Playmates Toys we received while we watched the new episodes of VOLTRON Legendary Defender together as a family.  They pretended to act out the scenes with these toys as we watched the action unfold on the TV screen.  Playmates Toys VOLTRON Legendary Defender six inch basic action figure collection is durably constructed as my kids tossed and threw them about our house and dropped the toys a few times too but they've yet to break.  Available in the assortment are the Blue, Red, Black, Green and Yellow lions featured in the Netflix show, each sold individually, plus a monster they face off against called Myzax.  These lions do not combine though to create a Voltron toy though.  The toy line also includes two 6" variations of the Voltron robot as individual action figures.  One wields a sword and shield while the other has a shooting lion fist action feature to it.

We received a Green Lion -- Guardian of the Forest mech that my son has been playing with quite a bit since we he got his hands on it.  The Green Lion's legs have basic articulation so kids can position them in a variety of poses to pretend leaping or striking its paws at an opponent.  The mouth also opens and closes plus there is a "vine beam" that shoots a plastic bolt to imitate one of the lion's special powers from the television show.  There isn't much force from the item flying out to present a danger but it still will hurdle a few feet so I wouldn't advise looking straight into the mouth with either of your eyes. To activate the missile launching feature just pull back on the shield emblem on the lion's back causing the vine beam to fire so kids can imagine wrapping up an evil adversary.

Playmates Toys also sent a Basic Voltron Lion Attack action figure our way.  My daughter has really been playing with this toy a lot.  It is a 6" action figure that is the same size as the basic collection lion toys that in the show streamed on Netflix merge to create it. While it is obviously not to scale, it still portrays the five lions merged together as the robotic warrior Voltron.  A child can imagine the adventures of the giant robot while playing with this toy in the palm of his or her hand. This hand held sized version of Voltron provides plenty of imaginative play punch for kids to have countless hours of fun with it.  It is a great size for storing around the house or taking along with your child while the family is on the go without having to worry about putting away or packing up some giant toy.

This toy has a head and waist that swivels plus it has joints in the knees and elbows so kids can position the arms and legs so that Voltron is in action poses.  The action figure also has a shooting fist feature.  Kids can squeeze the toy's legs to launch a representation of the Green Lion's head which makes up Voltron's left arm.  As with the individual Green Lion toy that is available from Playmates, there isn't a lot of power behind the projectile but it still flies far enough you don't want to aim it straight at anyone's eyes within a few feet of the toy.  Also you absolutely don't want to lose the plastic Green Lion Missile because than Voltron is missing its left hand and the representation of one of the five lions that merge together to create the robot warrior.

 Playmates Toys VOLTRON Legendary Defender basic action figure collection is screen accurate to the television show characters, durably constructed, conveniently sized for playing with and priced affordably to collect.  As I've mentioned my kids have really enjoyed playing with these toys that are recommended for children 4 years old and up.  For more information about Playmates Toys VOLTRON Legendary Defender basic action figure collection, please CLICK HERE.

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