Saturday, February 4, 2017

Give Courage to Children Fighting Cancer

We're blessed in Metro Detroit to have one of the nation's leading medical facilities when it comes to providing specialized health care for children located near us in the University of Michigan's C.S. MOTT CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL.  My kids have been fortunate to have never had to use the facility ourselves, but a family friend's child has undergone heart surgery there, a professional colleague's son has received treatment for a life-threatening blood disorder from them and a neighbor's daughter waged a successful battle against cancer with their assistance so I understand this hospital is a godsend for many families.

Last week the company that manufactures the iamelemental line of action figure toys for girls, that we've reviewed on A Geek Daddy in the past, sent a very special shipment to C.S. MOTT CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL.  They provided a batch of Courage action figures from their iamelemental collection to girls who are staying at the hospital to encourage them to be courageous in their personal medical struggles.  These girls may not have the super powers we see fantastic heroes have in comic books, television and movies but they are all super in their own ways as everyday they engage in life or death battles with medical conditions.  Something as simple as an action figure can make a big difference in whether one of these patients has a good or bad day and are great motivation for these real life super heroes.

iamelemental started sending these shipments to children in the hospital when the family of a C.S. MOTT cancer patient named Anna who was a big fan of these female super hero action figures reached out to the company.  You can read Anna's story here.  Based upon Anna's love of the iamelemental toys, the company began their BUY ONE/DONATE ONE FOR CHILDHOOD CANCER program.  People like you who purchase a Courage iamelemental action figure through this program also support the distribution of these toys to girls staying at C.S. MOTT and other children's hospitals around the United States.  Organizations like Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Make-A-Wish, and the Rally Foundation have helped distribute hundreds of iamelemental figures over the last year.

Unfortunately, the hospitals receiving these donation go through them almost as quickly as they receive them.  That last sentence really puts into perspective just how staggering the number of children suffering from cancer and other life threatening basis is.  It is easy not to think about sick kids when it isn't directly impacting our own families but there are many people out there struggling to get through some tough medical fights and even small gestures such as giving a child a toy can be a great boast to their spirits.

iamelemental isn't a huge corporation it is a small business started by two moms who wanted their to be more options for super hero toys that girls could relate to.  They don't have the resources to provide unlimited action figures to meet demand.  With customers joining them though they can make a positive difference.  Give someone Courage this Valentine's Day by participating in iamelemental's BUY ONE/DONATE ONE for childhood cancer program.

Courage is iamelemental's first Core Power and is made up of the 7 Elements of Courage.  Bravery, Energy, Honesty, Industry, Enthusiasm, Persistence and Fear - all of these powerful characteristics are part of COURAGE. She's stands 6.5" tall and has over 30 (yes, we said +30!) points of articulation. She comes with removable helmet, chest armor, flaming Energy Sword and Courage Shield.

In support of Childhood Cancer Awareness, iamelemental is conducting a Buy One, Donate One program. For every Courage Core Power female action figure purchased, we will distribute one figure to a child affected by cancer. CLICK HERE to purchase Courage and to help give COURAGE to someone else in need of some positive motivation.

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