Thursday, February 2, 2017


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It was a cold, snowy evening when we watched LONG WAY NORTH for a family movie night which was a fitting time to view this animated adventure about a young heroine's journey to the North Pole.  This isn't your run of the mill kids movie though as this French movie imported to the United States by Shout! Factory has an artistic flair to it.  The artwork is more reminiscent of classic Disney animated movies than the mainstream computer generated cartoons being produced today adding to the aura of the film's setting in Russia during the late 19th century.  Long Way North's distinct visual presentation combined with a compelling coming of age story resulting it winning the Grand Prize at the Tokyo Animation Festival and earned it A Geek Daddy's recommendation to give it a view.

Long Way North's story revolves around Sacha, a young girl from the Russian aristocracy during the days of Tsar rule.  She has known nothing but comfort and privilege during her life, but faces uncertainty about the future as her parents have orchestrated an arranged marriage to help themselves move up the societal ladder of prominence.  Sacha dreams of being an explorer like her grandfather, Oloukine, a renowned scientist who has gone missing during an expedition to reach the North Pole.  Anguishing over the fate of her grandfather, Sacha defies her forced marriage and runs away to embark on a quest to find Oloukine and bring him home.

Does a spoiled young girl who has always had her every need met have the strength, courage and wits to travel from a comfortable home and find her grandfather's missing ship, the Davai, in the Arctic wilderness on her own?  Through perseverance, hard work, and developing new friendships, Sacha gives it a good go in a physical and emotional journey.  Is there a happy ending? Does she find Oloukine and help bring the crew of the Davai home?  You'll have to watch Long Way North for yourself to find out!

Print out these activity sheets courtesy of my friends at Shout! Factory for some added educational and entertainment value for children during a family movie night watching Long Way North:

Long Way North is now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.  The two-dic Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack contains audio tracks with both the original French cast and an English version recorded for American audiences.  Also included on the Combo Pack is bonus material including a conceptual pilot, interviews with director Remi Chaye and producer Henri Magalon, still galleries of concept art and character designs plus animated storyboards.  Long Way North can be purchased on Blu-ray and DVD at major retailers across the USA including Best Buy, Target and Walmart.  It can also be digitally downloaded from iTunes.

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