Sunday, February 12, 2017

National Geographic Kids: Family Field Guide

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KiDS is know for publishing books and magazines that are both educational and entertaining for children and teens to read.  Now they're reaching out to adults as well through a FREE newsletter called the Family Field Guide targeted to the parents of National Geographic Kids' key audience.  The newsletter which is e-mailed to subscribers every other week provides tips for parents on encouraging kids to be adventurous in exploring the world and enthusiastic in learning about history, science, and other important educational topics.  National Geographic Kids' Family Field Guide provides original articles ranging from 3 Ways Star Wars Can Inspire STEM In Young Explorers to Inspire Friendships In Kids With Photos, Videos & Recipes.  The newsletter also references photographs, facts, and stats from National Geographic Kids print and online publications to assist parents in stimulating within children a life long appreciation for discovery, puzzle solving, and learning.

Knowing that today's families can be stretched for time Family Field Guide articles often provide examples of hands-on activities parents and kids can do together in 5, 15 or 30 minute increments.  For example in one of my favorite articles from the newsletter, Making The Most Out Of Sports, it recommends reading some sporty Weird But True facts if you have 5 minutes free to do something, watching Making Stuff videos about creating athletic gear if you have 15 minutes to spare, and explains how to do a balloon race science experiment if you have a half hour to spend on a project.  All three of these ideas are aimed at using a child or teen's interest in sports to encourage them to want to engage in learning.

National Geographic Kids Family Field Guide aims to help parents utilize topics that are relevant and interesting to today's youth to spark creativity within their children and get them to embrace scholastic endeavors.  It also promotes parents spending quality time with their children by providing activity suggestions that are doable even for families with the busiest of schedules.  Humorous, informative, zany, and yes even a bit geeky at times, the information contained in this newsletter is a valuable resource that is meant to be as relevant to parents who are working 40 plus hours a week as to those who are able to stay at home full time.  Oh and did I mention it is FREE?!!

CLICK HERE to subscribe to National Geographic Kids Family Field Guide.  I've signed up for it myself and really do enjoy whenever a new edition pops up in my inbox.

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