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Learning to swim is not only a valuable skill for children to acquire but can also be a great way for dads to spend some quality time together with their children.  Goldfish Swim Schools have a variety of options available that teach children the skills to be safe and have fun in the water that are also great activities for fathers to be involved with.  For dads with children ranging from infants to tweens, Goldfish Swim School is a great place to engage in fatherly bonding with your kids.

Infant / Toddler Classes 

Goldfish Swim School provides an opportunity for fathers help their children that are 4 months to 36 months old get comfortable with being immersed in water with infant / toddler classes.  Introducing a child to getting into a pool at a very early age can help prevent him or her from developing an anxiety about swimming or a fear of water later on in life.  Getting children accustomed to spending time in the water as preschoolers often times provides them with confidence to participate in swimming lessons when they get old enough for them.  My wife and I participated in infant / toddler classes with our twins and when it came time for us to sign up for swimming lessons my son and daughter had no hesitancy about getting into the pool and they honestly can be a pair of real scaredy cats at times.

Pediatricians recommend that skin-to-skin contact strengthens the bond between a parent and an infant.  Spending some time in the water during a Goldfish Swim School infant / toddler class can be a great way for a dad to get some of that valuable contact they might not otherwise regularly be getting as often as mom does with a little one.  Plus it is just a nice, enjoyable way to spend some fun time with a son or daughter by participating together in one of these parent-tot classes.  

Swimming Lessons

Each Goldfish Swim School location has a nice glass paneled viewing area for parents to observe their children's swimming lessons. Parents are encouraged to stay and watch.  At the conclusion of each class, the instructor provides an in-depth one-on-one evaluation to a parent about how the student fared and what the child needs to improve on.  Discussing what you learned from the instructor presents a nice opportunity for fathers to have constructive dialogue with a child.  Kids are at the age where they are craving a parent's attention when they are taking swimming lessons at Goldfish Swim School.  Knowing dad is watching them swim and taking an interest in their progress will mean a lot to a son or daughter.  At a  recent lesson while I was kneeling down by the side of the pool to hear my son's evaluation the instructor informed us that he was graduating up to a higher class level.  My son was so excited to be moving up and happy that I was there to share in the news.  Moments like that for a dad and child to share are really special.

Family Swim

A great way to bond with kids is to just let loose and have fun with them.  Take advantage of Goldfish Swim School's open swim hours that let dads jump in the pool with their kids.  Whether you are helping a child practice swimming strokes, racing for bragging rights, or just splashing around this is a great way to enjoy spending time with your family.  Family Swim hours vary by location.  The Goldfish Swim School we attend has their Family Swim on Friday nights from 6:30 - 8:30 pm which makes for a relaxing way to wrap up the week.  Keep an eye out for Member Appreciation Weeks throughout the year because Goldfish Swim School provides special activities and pizza during  Family Swim hours to make the event extra special for students and their parents to participate in.


Celebrate a special moment in your child's life by reserving Goldfish Swim School for a party.  Don't be shy and jump right in the pool with your child to make some memories to last a lifetime.  Friends and family are sure to have a great time at your child's pool party.  Goldfish Swim School handles all the details and cleanup so dads can focus on enjoying the moment with your child.

Swimming is a great way to spend time with a child.  Goldfish Swim School caters to kids ranging from 4 months to 12 years old and provides plenty of ways that a dad can be involved with the experience.  It provides a great opportunity for dads to bond with their children through engaging in its activities.  For more information or to find a location near you, please visit

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