Thursday, March 16, 2017

LEGO Dimensions Provides Video Game Experience For Whovians

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Whovians, as fans of the DOCTOR WHO television series are known, have been neglected for some time when it comes to video game experiences featuring the time traveling alien coming to the rescue with his handy sonic screw driver.  There really haven't been very many video games featuring The Doctor to choose from. So Whovians will be pleased to know the LEGO Dimensions video game has embraced DOCTOR WHO incorporating all twelve incarnations of the character as an element of its main plot plus provides an add on level pack, "The Dalek Extermination of Earth" that lets players engage in a stand alone adventure where The Doctor has to travel through time and space to save the inhabitants of Earth from a horrid fate.

To play "The Dalek Extermination of Earth" the DOCTOR WHO Level Pack must be purchased separately from the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack which contains the core game.  The level pack includes a mini-figure of the Twelfth Doctor (as the TV series has progressed when actors have been replaced the storyline explains this by having the character have to regenerate its form from time to time as part of the alien's life cycle)  as well as LEGO bricks to build a TARDIS (a time-traveling space ship which has the exterior of a blue British police box which were a common sight in Great Britain in 1963 when the television series first aired) and K-9 (a robotic dog equipped with a powerful weapons and encyclopedic knowledge) that can assist in completing the 11 stages of this  level dedicated to Doctor Who.

My son has become enamored with Doctor Who since being introduced to the him in the main LEGO Dimensions game so he was really excited when we got our hands on the DOCTOR WHO Level Pack providing additional play options with the character.  Our family really has been having a good time playing this additional content to the video game.  As a fan of DOCTOR WHO myself it has been nice to share with my kids something I like that we can enjoy together.  LEGO Dimensions does a nice job of incorporating the quirky and unique elements of the TV show into the game plus placing numerous Easter eggs for Whovians to enjoy discovering as they play through the level.  You can have never seem an episode of DOCTOR WHO though and still enjoy playing the scenarios incorporated into LEGO Dimensions.  My son who has never seen any episodes of the television show but now he has asked me if he can start watching it because he enjoys this aspect of LEGO Dimensions so much.

To get started playing the stand alone "The Dalek Extermination of Earth" segments of the game place The Doctor mini-figure from the Level Pack on the LEGO Dimensions Toy Pad.  This will allow you to access the content.  Next you will need to accomplish some tasks that once completed will provide you the directions needed for constructing the TARDIS and K-9.  Once you've built them you can place these toys-to-life figures on the LEGO Dimensions Toy Pad as well and utilize them to help The Doctor overcome the challenges presented by the Daleks.  The Daleks by the way look like simplistic robots but are actually complicated cyborgs with a living body encased inside of a heavily armored and weaponized shell who aim to conquer other civilizations and add the defeated populations to their ranks.

One of the things as a parent I really appreciate about LEGO Dimensions, and especially the DOCTOR WHO Level Pack, is it isn't all about bashing and shooting your way to victory but rather really focuses on players completing challenges and solving in-game puzzles to win in the game.  Of course there is fighting involved too that provides plenty of action but it doesn't overshadow the other elements of the game.  Strategic thinking in using the special abilities of different characters is also a big part of the game. The Doctor's traits include Hacking, Technology, Fix-it and Doctor Regenerate abilities to help complete tasks necessary to accomplish your objectives.  You can also add in other characters that you have LEGO Dimensions mini-figures of to help Doctor Who save the day.  Who better than Harry Potter to join The Doctor in battling the Daleks?! Two of Great Britain's greatest fantasy heroes can be teamed up together when you play the LEGO Dimensions video game.

LEGO Dimensions is great because of all the unstructured play it allows incorporating characters and settings from a multitude of movie, television and video game brands; but if you are interested in also playing through structured stories with defined missions and goals to accomplish than you should pick up the DOCTOR WHO Level Pack to enhance your experience.  It provides a nice story, complete with lots of entertaining animated video sequences, to compliment the game play.  You don't need to be a Whovian to enjoy embarking on adventures with The Doctor in the LEGO Dimensions video game thanks to all its fun features.  I recommend picking up the DOCTOR WHO Level Pack for your LEGO Dimensions video game available at retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Meijer, Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart.  If you haven't played LEGO Dimensions yet you are missing out -- go get a Starter Pack and get into the game!

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