Tuesday, March 21, 2017


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My wife and daughter both have gorgeous long flowing blond hair they like to comb over the sink which combined with my facial shaving regularly leaves our home's upstairs bathroom plumbing clogged up.  Snaking out the clog is a time consuming messy job that is regularly placed on my "honey do" list which I really hate dealing with.  So when Roto-Rooter® reached out to me about reviewing their new drain care products I was excited to give them a try.

Water was barely draining from this clogged sink before I used the Roto-Rooter Hair Clog Remover that was provided to me on it.  Following the directions I poured 1/4 of the bottle down the drain, waited 10 minutes, then flushed the plumbing with hot water.  Whoosh the water ran straight through the drain and the clog was gone!  

Wow that really was impressive!  No more having to continually pour and flush the drain over and over again as I've experienced with other liquid clog removers in the past or having to spend a half hour or an hour trying to scrape the hair all out of the pipe by hand with a snake.  Using Roto-Rooter Hair Clog Remover was a quick, efficient and clean way to accomplish a task that is normally a pain to deal with.

Roto-Rooter Hair Clog Remover works so well because it utilizes a professional formula with 25% more hair dissolving ingredients than other similar products on the market.  Independent lab studies have shown that tough clogs are cleared up to 50% faster than other national brands when using this product.  Plus no need to worry about your plumbing being damaged by chemicals when pouring Roto-Rooter Hair Clog Remover down your drain as its formula is designed specifically to disintegrate hair and is safe for all pipes and septic systems.

In fact, Roto-Rooter is so confident its line of home drain care products will satisfy you they provide a double guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with the product they will refund your money. Plus if you need to call in a Roto-Rooter plumber for help give your bottle to the visiting service tech to receive 10% off your next service call. For complete details on how to redeem a refund on this guarantee please visit rotorooter-products.com for more information.

If you have more stubborn clogs caused by soap scum, grease and other gunk try Roto-Rooter's Gel Clog Remover. It has the precise viscosity to power through what has plugged up your drain.  In addition to being useful in bathrooms this product is also great for kitchen sinks because in addition to not harming pipes it also can be used without worrying about damaging a garbage disposal.  Note though that neither of these products are meant to be used for stopped up toilets or pipes that are blocked by tree roots.

I've been so impressed by my experience using these products, I've agreed to become a 2017 Brand Ambassador for Roto-Rooter Drain Care Products.  Throughout the year, I will be posting sponsored content featuring their different products, providing tips on simple plumbing problem fixes you can do yourself, and hosting some great giveaways.  Whether is it discussing routine maintenance by providing simple steps to protect your pipes or giving an overview about the most common ways clogs occur, A Geek Daddy will be providing a lot of useful information through this partnership with Roto-Rooter Drain Care Products to help you save money and keep your plumbing flowing smoothly.

It is nice that people can now go to the store and buy easy to use diy products backed by America's top name in plumbing, Roto-Rooter, that will allow them to conveniently and economically tackle basic plumbing issues without having to hire a professional for assistance.  Roto-Rooter Drain Care Products are available at a variety of retailers including Bed Bath & Beyond, Kroger, Lowes, Meijer, Menards and Walmart.  Before you pick some up for yourself make sure to print out a coupon from their website for a $1 off any product.

For more information, please visit rotorooter-products.com

DISCLAIMER:  A Geek Daddy is financially compensated and receives free products to review as a Roto-Rooter Ambassador.  Opinions expressed are honest and my own.  Your experiences may differ.  I am not obligated to write positive reviews and the brand has requested that I be honest in my appraisals of their products.

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