Sunday, April 23, 2017


BRUEGGER'S BAGELS is getting a fresh new look and invited me to attend the Grand Re-Opening of their Bloomfield Hills, Michigan location for a complimentary breakfast to observe the makeover and check out some new products they're now offering.  The layout has been changed so people no longer order at one end of the counter and make their way down to the cash register.  Instead you now place your order at the register and pay right away. Head back to the counter area when buzzed with a pager device letting you know your order is ready to pick up.  So while waiting, customers can use the self-serve coffee stand which has been moved away from the service counter, grab a seat at a table or watch bagels being made in the bakery through a window in the back wall.

In addition to a refreshed look and layout, Bruegger's Bagels is offering some brand new products now.  For the first time Espresso drinks like Caffe Lattes, Mochas and Americanos are being offered at Bruegger's.  Plus they have introduced a new individually prepared Pour Over Coffee.  With this your drink  is brewed on the spot instead of coming from a prepared pot.  I taste tested the difference between a normal pot of coffee and the pour over variety.  The Pour Over Coffee  definitely has a richer, more robust taste to it. So if you are a coffee lover I'd recommend giving it a try.

All of Bruegger's Bagels coffees now originate from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.  This means the coffee beans are being harvested in an environmentally-friendly manner that promotes sustainable farming.  You can find out more about what this means at

If coffee isn't your thing, Bruegger's is now serving hot chocolate too!  I have to tell you this is some of the best hot chocolate I've ever tasted!  It has a rich chocolate taste to it that makes the hot chocolate seem like you are drinking a melted candy bar mixed with whip cream. Oh was it good!

Plus Bruegger's has added a new selection of items to its desert menu.  They were all very tasty treats that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.  You know I didn't pass on trying out the samples they were handing out. The new chocolate peanut butter bar has the flavor or a peanut butter cup candy but with a crunch to it.  The lemon poppy seed muffin is more tart than sweet but has a nice lemony scent and taste to it.

Of course I couldn't visit Bruegger's without getting my favorite thing on the menu, a lox sandwich on an onion bagel.  These are a delicious meal for any time of the day whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  I'll go out of my way to pick up a Bruegger's Bagels lox sandwich.

I appreciated the chance to be a #BrueggarsVIP for the day.  I really found their new look and menu additions to be great.  Of course, as usual when I visit, all their products were delicious!  To try them out for yourself, visit to find a location near you.

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