Monday, April 3, 2017


** A Geek Daddy received the featured product for free to review **
The new CURSED TIKI TEMPLE level pack for the IMAGINATORS edition of the Skylanders video game franchise doesn't come out until April 7 but A GEEK DADDY got his hands on it a few days early to try out.  This expansion to IMAGINATORS includes a toy-to-life Wild Storm Sensie figure, a Creation Crystal which allows for the creation and customization of a playable digital character within the game, an exclusive Imaginite Mystery Chest which provides 80 unique parts that can be utilized in building your own personalized Imaginator character, plus adds a brand new adventure segment to play.

CURSED TIKI TEMPLE provides new challenges to complete, puzzles to solve and enemies to conquer in a stand alone level added to the existing Skylanders IMAGINATORS video game.  Placing the Wild Storm senei figure included within the CURSED TIKI TEMPLE level pack upon your Skylanders portal will activate this new playable adventure within the game.  The new level is accessible by crossing a bridge on the left side of the Adventure Pack area of the M.A.P. and entering an ancient looking temple to begin playing it. While you need Wild Storm to initially access the new content any Skylanders toys-to-life or build it yourself Imaginator character can be used within the level.  My son has been primarily playing with Spyro for instance instead of using an Imaginator character or Wild Storm.

My kids and I have really enjoyed this new playable adventure for Skylanders IMAGINATORS.  It has a Margaritaville / Parrot Head flair to the characters and setting that this Jimmy Buffet fan appreciated.  We've been playing it while the kids have been on Spring Break from school and since we couldn't go on a Caribbean or South Pacific vacation the CURSED TIKI TEMPLE has provided a nice tropical adventure vibe to our week.

You are tasked with returning an enchanted stone head that has been stolen from a statue in the Tiki Temple to avert a curse from plaguing all of Skyland.  The head, named Bob, also happens to be able to talk and can help guide you into putting him back into his proper place.  He'll also provide some wise-cracking commentary along the way in a Jamaican accent.

You'll make your way through a haunted village, across the flying dragon path, and into the labyrinth of the Tiki Temple in your mission to reconnect Bob to his body.  During the journey Bob will share the story of how an evil curse terrorized his village until he was chosen to be transformed into a magical statue that contained it.  Now that the statue has been damaged the curse has been released and threatens all of Skylands.  Do you have what it takes to restore the statue with Bob's head and avert the threat of the Cursed Tiki Temple?

I'd recommend picking up the CURSED TIKI TEMPLE level pack when it becomes available at retailers on Friday, April 7, 2017.  My kids are delighted with the new content and I have to admit to liking it enough that I've played through some of the level by myself when my children were out doing some errands with my wife.  Shhh! Don't let them know that!  The CURSED TIKI TEMPLE level is really fun to play and its bonus character content enhances the overall IMAGINATORS video game experience making it a great addition to the Skylanders franchise.

Please visit for more information about the IMAGINATOR video game and its accessories. Skylanders IMAGINATORS and its CURSED TIKI TEMPLE expansion are available for Sony Playstation 3 & 4, Microsoft XBOX ONE & XBOX 360 and Nintendo Switch & Wii U video game consoles.

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