Tuesday, April 4, 2017


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What child doesn't dream of soaring into outer space one day as an astronaut?  With the Aeromax Toys Get Real Gear NASA astronaut suit and helmet you can encourage hours of imaginative play as kids pretend to fly a rocket through the cosmos or visit strange new planets to explore.  My son couldn't wait to suit up when a Jr. Astronaut outfit arrived from Aeromax Toys for him to try out.

The orange colored jumpsuit looks just like what you see the real life NASA astronauts wearing.  This replica space suit has a lot of nice details such as plenty of zippered pockets to stash items so they don't fly away from you in zero gravity and official looking patches that include the NASA symbol, an American flag, and a Mission Commander designation.  While the outfit looks impressive it is also very durably constructed to stand up to the wear and tear of a child actively playing in it.  It is available in youth sizes 2/3 (25-33 lbs, height 32-36") to 12/14 (80-110 lbs, height 54-60") as well as special infant and toddler versions making the outfit accessible for a wide range of ages to enjoy.  Use it for dress up play time, part of a school presentation, an accessory for family fun night activities, or as a great Halloween costume.  There is also an adult version that mom and dad can wear too!

Of course if you are going to be flying into space you really should include a helmet in your astronaut gear.  Sold separately from the space suit is the Aeromax Toys Jr. Astronaut Helmet with Sound Effects to complete your replica NASA ensemble.  Our whole family has had fun playing with the great features on this helmet putting it on pretending to be an astronaut.  Especially my son who puts it on and imagines flying into space when he is riding in the car.  3, 2, 1 ... blast off!

 The helmet is recommended to best fit kids 8+ as well as providing a suitable fit for adults to wear.  It has a lot of neat details, including an audio space launch countdown that can be heard while waiting to blast off for a pretend adventure; plus a spring loaded retractable face shield, a mock communications microphone inside the helmet and faux pressurization sensors and air hose on its exterior.  Both the helmet and space suit can also be personalized with your child's name for an additional expense.

The Jr. Astronaut space suit and helmet are part of Aeromax Toys' GET REAL GEAR dress up collection that inspire children to engage in imaginative play as real life professions.  In addition to astronauts, kids can also pretend to be chefs, doctors, firefighters, magicians, and police among other careers with these replica outfits.  Show kids that super heroes don't actually wear masks and capes but rather scrubs and overalls with this outstanding collection of outfits from Aeromax.  Whether for playing with in the backyard or utilizing as part of a school project GET REAL GEAR will spark kids creativity.  You're guaranteed that receiving one of these outfits, especially the Jr. Astronaut space suit and helmet with sound effects, will put a smile on a child's face.  It absolutely put one on my sons!

Blast off to adventure in an Aeromax Toys Space Suit!  For more information, please visit aeromaxtoys.com

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