Saturday, May 27, 2017

LEGO Worlds Video Game: Updates + Sandbox Mode

There has been a major update to the LEGO Worlds video game that is playable on Playstation 4, Xbox One and STEAM.  Now players no longer need to complete the game's adventure mode to access its freestyle building sandbox mode.  People who have purchased the game can download this free update which adds LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS and LEGO City characters, creatures, structures, props and vehicles as well as immediately unlocks sandbox mode.  The update also fixes and improves the game's user interface to make the menus and tools easier to use.

The biggest aspect of the update is providing immediate unlimited access to sandbox mode which allows players to let their imagination run wild in designing their own world made from LEGO bricks, accessories and mini-figures.   Players can now skip the LEGO Worlds' tutorials and adventure mode if they desire because all of the elements of the game are now unlocked for them in sandbox mode.  Customizing their own landscapes, buildings and characters is what my kids really enjoy about this game but they've been limited because its been a slow progression for them through the adventure mode to gain access to a variety of things that are now automatically accessible through the unlocked sandbox mode.  They love this update!

My kids are also very excited that the video game has added elements of two of their favorite LEGO themes to it in LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS and LEGO City.  That is just the beginning though!  Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games, and The LEGO Group are promising more new themes are coming based off of the existing LEGO toy sets.  With a LEGO Ninjago movie coming to theaters don't be surprised to see that theme pop up soon.  I'm personally hoping for a Speed Champions theme with some racing options in it to really get my interest in joining my kids playing this game.  What LEGO toy products would you like to see incorporated into the game?

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