Saturday, May 27, 2017

Starpath Dolls

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My daughter has a new friend to add to her toy collection with Shining Star from STARPATH DOLLS.  There are four multi-ethnic 18-inch dolls to choose from among the Starpath Dolls that each have their own unique style and a personality designed to be relatable to girls in the age range of 5 to 9 years old.  Crafted by renowned porcelain doll designer Linda Mason these dolls are made not only to look good but also to play with.

Each doll has a huggable cloth body combined with moveable limbs and a head made of vinyl that allow for posing and positioning the toy while being played with.  Their hair is also brushable and braidable allowing it to be styled in a variety of ways.  Plus they can be dressed up in a variety of outfits ranging from the fashionable outfits each doll comes wearing to a set of comfy pjs, an elegant ball gown, a flowing sari, or fairy tale inspired clothing that can be purchase separately.

My daughter chose Shining Star, who she renamed Jessica, because of the doll's chestnut hair, warm brown eyes, and fashion model sense of style.  The doll comes with a cute outfit consisting of a plaid double tiered cotton skirt along with a pink knit shirt and beret.  She also has shiny black patent boot and a matching belt that my little girl says looks trĂ©s chic!

A unique accessory for these dolls are customizable chapter books that can purchased through the website.  These books allow you to incorporate 20 personal details into the story so that it appears the doll and her owner are the main characters of the story.  Available as an ebook for $15 that can be read on digital readers available for most mobile devices and personal computers or as a paperback book for $20 there are two stories to choose from:

“A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong”

Written by award-winning author Suzanne Williams, who has written nearly 40 books for children, in this chapter book, the girl and her Starpath Doll find themselves accidently trapped inside the Cinderella story. It is up to them to keep the story on track so Cinderella will wind up with her prince and they can return home safely. Recommended for ages 5 -8 years old.

“Tiger Magic”

Is the story my daughter selected for us to get with her doll as an ebook.  Written by award-winning author, Mitali Perkins, “Tiger Magic” is an adventure story where the child and her doll friend find themselves on a magical adventure in the jungles of India. After learning about life in an Indian village, it is up to them to protect a tiger cub from poachers. Recommended for ages 5 – 9 years old.

Children will be delighted to play with these charming and well-made dolls while parents will delight in that they cost nearly half the price of some other similar top selling dolls.  For more information or to purchase a doll, visit

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