Sunday, May 28, 2017

MLB Holiday Uniforms + Baseballs Support Charitable Causes

On Memorial Day, Fathers Day, and the Fourth of July this year, Major League Baseball teams will again be having their players don special uniforms and using commemorative balls in honor of these holidays.  This has become a regular event taking place the last few years, but for the first time this year players will also be wearing special socks to go along with the holiday themes of their uniform's cap and jersey.  Stance socks join New Era caps and Majestic jerseys in making these special-event uniforms happen plus MLB also gets assistance from Rawlings to create unique stitching color patterns on the baseballs used during these holiday games.

In addition to adding an additional fun factor to the games on these days, the uniforms will be contributing to the community as well.  Teams will tie-in promoting the messages of several charitable causes by providing extra visibility with MLB fans and players in association with these holiday uniforms.  Also royalties from the sales of replica apparel from these special outfits will be donated to designated charities.  Fathers Day will support the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Stand Up to Cancer, while Memorial Day and Independence Day will assist the efforts of MLB Charities. Rawlings is also donating $1 for each replica baseball sold to the designated charity for each of the holiday themed baseballs.

Since I'm a Detroit Tigers fan, A Geek Daddy is primarily highlighting apparel sporting the Old English D but each Major League team will have their own variation incorporating their logo into these three standardized holiday designs.  To check out your particular team's look this year visit these links:


This year both the caps and jerseys will display 5 stars on them representing the five armed services of the United States military. The Blue Jays will have 4 maple leafs on their caps and sleeves to represent their country's military.  There won't be camouflage on the jersey's this year but the caps will incorporate a new pattern which MLB calls "ripstop woodlands" rather than the USMC style used in previous years.  Socks will be a continuation of the camouflage pattern from the caps.  


This year's Father Day apparel looks similar to previous years with a baby blue coloring scheme and a fresh heathered pattern to the caps.  New this year is two sock choices for players to choose from to match up with their jerseys and caps.


MLB is trying something new with this year's Independence Day caps featuring glossy logos they're saying are made from "LiquidChrome."  This shiny new material paints the logo with an American flag pattern outlined with a silver border.  These caps continue the heathered styling from the Fathers Day version with a patriotic red and blue color pattern.

Jersey's will look similar to last year with the player's name and number plus team logo embracing a waving flag stars and stripes pattern.  The player's socks though will stand out for sure though with one leg featuring a blue background with white stars while the other one will have a red and white striped pattern to it.

MLB also hosted a Mothers Day special event featuring pink caps, jerseys, socks and baseballs at the beginning of the season supporting Susan G. Komen.  Mothers Day themed items can still be found at

Wearing these special event balls, caps, jerseys and socks are a nice way to differentiate yourself from other fans and they also make great collectible items.  They also make for great gifts for sports fanatics, especially if you give one to someone to wear at the ballpark during one of these holiday games.  Plus it is nice to have America's national pastime make an extra effort to recognize these special moments during the year that are important to so many people.  Do you have a favorite out of these special event themes?  Mine is the Independence Day gear even though I couldn't find any pictures of it with the Old English D and had to sink to using an example from the Yankees.

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