Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Summer Water Fights with Prime Time Toys Adventure Force Blasters

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Enjoy the hot summer months of the year outside getting wet in fun backyard water fights.  We had the opportunity to test out Prime Time Toys new Adventure Force line of water blasters over the Memorial Day weekend.  They worked really great and my kids had a great time playing with them.  I joined in the battle and have to say getting soaked on a hot day really is a refreshing way to cool off.

There are a number of Adventure Force water blasters to choose from, that range in size, water holding capacity, and features, which are available exclusively from Walmart.    We played around with the Super Storm and Hydro Blitz water blasters.  Each of these are recommended for ages 6+.

Super Storm

You'll dominate a water fight with the Super Storm.  You'll be able to outlast your competition when it comes to refilling with its 68-ounce size tank and hit them from a distance with its pressurized stream that can soar up to 38 feet.  Use its three adjustable nozzle setting to be strategic on how you soak your friends.  Quad-Stream sprays out four streams of water while Super Soak Blast provides one big drenching.  Flip to the Long-Range Blast to hit your targets from a distance as they try to flee from you.  My lids loved the variety of nozzle setting on this blaster the only drawback was that when fully filled it can be somewhat heavy to hold for younger kids and difficult to handle.  We alleviated the problem very easily by only filling it up half way and that made the kids happy.  The Super Storm is ideal for tweens and teens that want to engage in a water blaster bout.

Hydro Blitz

While the Hydro Blitz has a trigger it is just for imagery as it projects water through a pumping action.  Slide forward the pump action handle on the bottom of the blaster and push it back to launch out a strong blast of water.  This blaster also holds a lot of water storing up to 57 ounces plus has some nice distance to it as well being able to hit a distance of up to 35 feet.  Like the Super Storm when fully filled it can get to be quite heavy so for younger children it is recommended to only fill it up half way.  This is a heavy duty soaker that doesn't have special features to it but instead provides its user with a consistent intense stream through its easy to use pump action launcher for continuous fun during a water fight.  Tweens and teens who want to be running around while drenching each other will especially enjoy the Hydro Blitz.

Hydro Storm

Prime Time Toys also provided us with a Hydro Storm 6-Pack.  This water blaster set is recommended for ages 4+.  They are simplistic, easy to use water blasters that are particularly nice for younger children to play with.  They are very durably built, provide for quick action water release to projects up to 25 feet and are easy to refill.  Coming in a 6-pack makes this set ideal to bring out when you have a group gathering and want to make sure everyone has something to play with.  At under $10, based upon the quality of the blasters and the quantity of them this really is a great deal that I'd recommend for play dates, picnics, birthday parties and other summer activities.

Swing by your local Walmart retail location or visit walmart.com to pick up Prime Time Toys Adventure Force Water Blasters for some summer fun!

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