Tuesday, May 30, 2017

SUNNY DAY: A Brand New Nickelodeon Animated Series

Nickelodeon always sends the most creative media kits.  One of the best ones yet arrived the other day promoting the cable network's newest animated series, SUNNY DAY.  A few of the series' first episodes along with information about its cast and production team were wrapped inside a sweet cardboard replica of the gadget-filled Glam Van featured in the show.  My eight year old daughter enthusiastically watched the episodes provided to us then confiscated the Glam Van for herself which I've noticed she's been playing with in her room.

This new television show revolves around Sunny (Lilla Crawford), a 10-year-old master hairstylist, creative problem-solver, and entrepreneur who runs her own hair salon in the seaside town of Friendly Falls.  When adventure calls,  Sunny sets out to save the day with her can-do attitude, tricked out Glam Van and best friends Rox (Elan Luz Rivera) and Blair (Taylor Louderman), and her dog Doodle (Rob Morrison) by her side.  The characters featured in Sunny Day celebrate individuality and self-expression while the show, developed and produced by Silvergate Media (Peter Rabbit), focuses on social-emotional curriculum promoting leadership, innovative-thinking and teamwork.  Each episode of Sunny Day also features a unique digital extension on Nickjr.com and the Nick Jr. App where kids and their parents can watch fun, live-action hairstyle tutorials that are tied directly to each storyline and narrated by Sunny.  The first season will also include celebrity guest star appearances including Ashley Parker Angel (O-Town), Lance Bass (NSYNC), Kether Donohue (Grease Live, Pitch Perfect), Christopher Fitzgerald (Waitress), Adam Jacobs (Aladdin) and Shanice Williams (The Wiz Live!).

The show is for preschool audiences so I asked my daughter if Sunny Day was too babyish for her.  She told me that the show was actually really fun to watch and would recommend it to the other girls in her second grade class.  That surprised me because she and her twin brother have aged out of a lot of Nickelodeon's cartoon style programming --> though they still love The Loud House.  I think though that the characters being identified as around her own age and the show having a fashion style theme appealed to her.  Though she told me her favorite part of Sunny Day was Doodle.  My daughter beamed me a smile and said the dog was both adorable and funny and she'd want to watch more episodes to see more of the character's exploits.

Sunny Day will be debuting during the preschool programming blocks on Nickelodeon as well as on Nick Jr. beginning Monday, August 21, 2017.  Leading up to the series' cable premiere, NickJr.com and the Nick Jr. App will be rolling out some of the show's full-length episodes plus short-form content online beginning June 5th.  Additionally, a new online game "Smiling and Styling with Sunny" will be debuting on Friday, August 4 on NickJr.com and the Nick Jr. App that will let players style and color hair plus paint and decorate nails for the residents in Friendly Falls.


  1. Where can I get that glam van? My daughter and I absolutely LOVE THIS SHOW!!

  2. When are they going to come out with toys and that glam van??? My whole family loves this show.