Monday, July 31, 2017

Awesome Little Green Men

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There's a new brand of toy soldiers rolling into playgrounds called Awesome Little Green Men!  Joining in on the collectible mini-figure mystery pack craze these military themed toys combine blind-boxed soldiers and vehicles with a board game type experience.  These toy soldiers feature larger than life expressions and each one has its own unique personality presented through a goofy name such as "Private Porkchop," "Captain Obvious," and "Sergeant Swag."  There are over 100 Awesome Little Green Men to collect and trade in the first wave of these toy soldiers that will be available on as well as Target, Toys R Us and Walmart beginning August 1, 2017.

Despite the name, half of these toy soldiers are actually Little Blue Men as there are two forces to pit against one another when playing with these toys. Plus the collection contains both female and male to soldiers so the characters aren't just men encouraging play by both genders of kids.  While these toy soldiers are interesting to collect for their goofy expressions and poses, part of the fun in collecting hard to find characters.  Series 1 of Awesome Little Green Men has some very common figures with others being more uncommon to discover, including four super rare figures in both the green and blue armies.

These toy soldiers also provide the entertainment of being game pieces.  Set up a battle field and take turns attacking your opponent with each character having a hit point tally equivalent to their rank.  Follow the rules in the players' guide to conquer the other army's prized possession and win the game.

In addition to these toy soldiers being equipped with an arsenal ranging from bazookas to machine guns there are also vehicles and special figures that can be discovered to provide your troops with extra support.  These range from tanks to paratroopers.  We tossed the paratrooper figure "Major Nerves" around in the backyard and the parachute even did a decent job of floating the toy soldier back down to the ground.

While my son really liked the tank and the soldiers with some heavy duty firepower like rocket launchers and Gatling guns, my daughter was equally entertained by the toys but she preferred to play with "Private Shivers" because the character had a blond pony tail that looked like hers.  Obviously these toy soldiers with child-like faces, wacky poses, and humorous names have something to appeal to everyone from kids who want collect and trade them to adult game enthusiasts who want to build a strong army to battle against their friends.

Recommended for ages 6 and up the combination of toy soldiers, collectible figures, and game pieces make Awesome Little Green Men entertaining for both kids and kids-at-heart to play with.  These new toy soldiers can be purchased in the following variations:

Awesome Little Green Men Blind Boxes:
You never know which mystery soldier is waiting inside! Each blind box includes 1 figure, a dog chain identifying the character, and a new recruits poster showing all of the available Awesome Little Green Men in Series 1.

Awesome Little Green Men Starter Pack:
Starter Packs include 4 figures from the same army within a transport truck package.  Four figures are inside, with three being visible and one being hidden in a blind box.  Each figure comes with a dog tag identifying them.

Awesome Little Green Men Deluxe Pack:
The Awesome Little Green Men Deluxe Pack is the perfect way to quickly start building up your armies. It include 8 figures inside a transport truck themed package divided between the green and blue armies with six being visible in the packaging and two hidden inside blind boxes.  It also includes 8 dog tags along with a printed game guide.

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