Wednesday, July 26, 2017


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I've been fixated lately with a fascinating video game for the Playstation 4 called GNOG that is filled with funky images and tunes which present puzzles for you to solve.  Players must move pieces and discover patterns to complete challenges that combine to unlock images that look like giant robotic heads, space ships and metallic lunch boxes.  It is an offbeat game that is fun to play because of its originality and uniqueness.

You start off a puzzle with a master image and must move parts of the pictures inside it with your controller to make your way through a maze of challenges.  Sometimes this involves flipping switches to create a specific color pattern and other times it may be rotating knobs to get a certain arrangement of sound effects.  In other situations you are looking to uncover hidden objects or find a way to gain access to something. There are a huge variety of tasks to keep players intrigued about completing level after level.

At first the game can be really frustrating to play because it doesn't come with any instructions.  You need to primarily utilize your controller's analog sticks to push, pull, toggle and slide puzzle pieces around the screen.  Once you get a knack for how the game works it really becomes fun to play.  So stick with it and you'll find yourself rewarded by the experience.  Discovering on your own how to manipulate GNOG's imagery actually is by design to get players completely immersed within the game.  As you get a feel for controlling the environment your game play will speed up and your focus will shift from how to move things about to identifying audio and visual patterns that need to be replicated or problems that need to be solved.

Once a level is finished the image you've unlocked comes to life and sings an upbeat congratulatory song as a reward.  This really provides a sense of accomplishment!  The strong audio-visual components of this game really contribute to its enjoyability and the engineering angle of its challenges provide a real sense of excitement when you solve them.  I also enjoyed the combination of eccentric artwork with mechanical details which provides an energetic vibe to the game.

Because GNOG is an out of the ordinary video game experience that involves using both brain power and curiosity to solve puzzles in an entertaining way, it has earned A GEEK DADDY nod of approval.  For more information about the game, please visit

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